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First-Ever Degrees in New IT Program Coming Soon!

The Information Technology program at Millersville is proving to be quite popular.

A little over a year since the start of the information technology program at Millersville University, its popularity is already evident. Many current students are switching to this new bachelor of science degree, and the program will likely have its first group of graduates by summer.

The IT program initially started with a concentration in Healthcare Analytics. The general IT pathway was recently developed as the default path for all incoming students to this program. Students may pursue a general degree in Information Technology or specialize with an option in healthcare analytics. For all options, IT students may complete an internship with local organizations to add real-world experiences to the models and theories they are learning in the classroom.

The general IT option provides students with an in-depth understanding of information technology and prepares students to apply IT to support a variety of business processes. This option mixes interdisciplinary course requirements and information technology and computer science elective courses, which imbue graduates with strong problem-solving and communication skills. By contrast, the healthcare analytics degree option prepares students to identify suitable technology, develop strategies and apply fundamental computing knowledge to effectively manage the operations organizations within the healthcare industry.

“Having a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology develops a broad and consistent knowledge of the underlying principles and concepts of information technology. It will help organizations and companies as employers to recognize well-qualified candidates to hire,” says Dr. Behrooz Etesamipour assistant professor and program coordinator for information technology.
Once students graduate from the INTE program at Millersville University, they will have sufficient knowledge to obtain any of the following most popular IT career opportunities:
· Health Care Business Analyst
· Health Data Analyst
· Computer Support Specialist
· Computer Network Specialists
· Database Administrator
· Information Technology Analysts
· Information Technology Leadership
· Information Security Specialist
· Network Administrator
· System Engineer
· System Administrator
· Web Specialist

The new home for the INTE program has moved from the College of Science and Technology into the Lombardo College of Business. This change will benefit current and future INTE students as the program undergoes a rapid expansion. Within the next year, the program is planning to hire more faculty members to teach a variety of IT related courses to accommodate the expansion. The college is currently developing a third concentration in cybersecurity to help fulfill the exploding demand for graduates with skills and experiences in this pivotal area of business.

For more information about the information technology program, check out Information Technology.

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