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MU alum and veteran is the man behind Flyers Nation

MU alumnus Sean Cobourn is the man behind Philadelphia Flyer’s fan site Flyers Nation.

Flyers Nation is the largest community of Philadelphia Flyers fans on the web. It has over 115,000 Twitter followers, nearly 60,000 likes on Facebook, and almost 50,000 followers on Instagram – and it’s run by one of MU’s own, 2021 graduate Sean Cobourn.  

“Flyers Nation is a credentialed media outlet of the team and an official small business in the state of Pennsylvania. For over a decade, I’ve been posting news, analysis, and much more about the orange and black,” explains Cobourn who studied sociology and criminology while at MU. 

In fact, this all began when he was just 13 years old. “I used to think it was really cool how there was a bunch of fan-made pages on Facebook covering sports teams,” he explains. On a whim, he decided to try it out himself. He created the Flyers Nation Facebook page just a few days after the Flyers traded captain Mike Richards and star forward Jeff Carter in June 2011.  

Above: Sean Cobourn poses with a swan on Millersville’s campus.

The outlet quickly grew a following from the Flyers passionate fan base. Cobourn, who says he’s been a fan of Philly sports his whole life, is grateful for the opportunities it has given him. He’s currently serving with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in the Middle East. “We’re observing the peace treaty between the State of Israel and the Arab Republic of Egypt. It’s an international peacekeeping mission with over 10 other contingents.”  

Once he returns home, Cobourn has big plans for Flyers Nation. “I’m working toward monetizing my business in better ways so one day I can make it a full-time job,” he shares. “I’m looking forward to covering the Philadelphia Flyers in the press box at the Wells Fargo Center for the first time when I return from overseas.” Cobourn shares that the Flyers have made a special effort to show their appreciation for his service. “During my deployment, the Flyer have given me a lot of love. They sent me a care package with a Claude Giroux jersey signed by the team and provided me with free streaming packages for every NHL game this year to distribute amongst my unit.” 

And while he’s missing home while deployed overseas, he says he also misses his alma mater. “I’ve made a lot of friends for life from my hallway in the South Villages freshman year to off-campus housing in Brookwood,” he says. “[But] the thing I miss most about Millersville is captaining intramural teams. It has been a big jump from hitting softball home runs at Pucillo Field to doing it in the Middle East.”  

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