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Millersville Ranked by Washington Monthly 

This year, MU is on the 2021 Master’s Universities list and its “Best Bang for Your Buck” list.

Millersville University is once again featured in Washington Monthly’s National College Rankings. This year MU is on the  2021 Master’s Universities list and its “Best Bang for Your Buck” list.  

Washington Monthly’s rankings consider numerous factors, primarily social mobility, research and community and national service.  

Millersville University’s ranking is largely influenced by its community and national service. It was noted that the University earned the highest score possible, 5 points out of 5, specifically for voting engagement. 

The Walker Center, which provides student-centered educational and developmental projects and activities related to civic responsibility on campus, responded to the score with this statement:  

“We are proud to earn this recognition from Washington Monthly. Our students, faculty, staff, and administrators have worked diligently to reduce apathy, increase engagement, and graduate civic-minded students prepared to solve the country’s, and the world’s, most pressing challenges. Our efforts to increase student interest and participation in the political process take place all year, not just around elections.” 

Millersville University was ranked 112th overall among 616 other master’s universities in the nation, putting the ‘Ville in the top 20th percentile. The University was ranked 4th among other schools in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.  

Washington Monthly also reported other noteworthy statistics that factored into the University’s ranking. Millersville University ranked in the upper 18th percentile for research, and within the top 5th percentile for its service.  

It was also noted that Millersville University meets the criteria for the Carnegie community engagement classification, a distinction that notes the relationship between a college or university and its engagement with the community around them.  

The University was also ranked in the Northeast “Best Bang for Your Buck” list. This list, according to Washington Monthly, ranks schools “according to how well they help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.” 

Also included was a ranking for the University’s graduation rate, with Millersville ranked 179th, putting it around the 45th percentile.  

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