Friday, July 19th, 2024

‘Ville Now Offers Pre-Law  

The pre-law concentration is for majors interested in studying law, how law intersects with politics, and/or those looking to work in law-related fields or continue their education at law school.

Students interested in careers in law now have multiple options thanks to recent changes within Millersville University’s Department of Government, Policy and Law.   

Formerly named the Department of Government and Political Affairs, the rebranded program added a 21-credit minor in pre-law for non-majors, an 18-credit concentration in pre-law for majors and a renewed curricular interest in the policy aspect of its courses. 

Coleman Wheeler, a senior from York, Pa., was the first student to sign up for the pre-law concentration. He is majoring in government, policy and law, and along with the pre-law concentration, he is minoring in environmental hazards and emergency management. 

“I decided during the fall of 2020 that I wanted to attend law school and switch my major from environmental hazards and emergency management to government, politics and law,” Wheeler explains. “It simply made sense to add the concentration in pre-law. Essentially, I joined the program because it aligns with my most intuitive interests and my future goals.” 

The pre-law concentration is primarily intended for majors who are interested in studying law, how law intersects with politics, and/or students who are looking to work in law-related fields or continue their education at law school.  

“To me, one of the attributes of the field of law that I find so attractive is its near-limitless versatility,” Wheeler says. “I do not feel any pressure to determine the beginnings of my post-law school path because I know the number of potential paths are many.” 

“To be truly interested in law necessitates a great curiosity and thirst for understanding,” Wheeler concludes, “Delving into these topics is difficult but it yields wondrous fruit that helps those of us partaking in its study to understand the world and society around them.” 

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