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LCCC and MU Sign Unique Agreement

The agreement is the first of its kind in the country and provides a smooth path for LCCC students to transfer to Millersville’s Integrated Studies.

Daniel Castellanos, a graduate of Millersville’s Integrated Studies program.

Lehigh Carbon Community College and Millersville University have signed an agreement that provides a unique opportunity for students with intellectual disability to achieve academic credentials. The agreement is the first of its kind in the country and provides a smooth path for LCCC students in its Cross-Institutional Studies certificate to transfer to Millersville’s Integrated Studies.

Dr. Changfu Chang working with Millersville students including those in Integrated Studies Program.

“Millersville is pleased to be a part of this agreement, which will increase opportunities for students who have been marginalized. We welcome graduates from LCCC to our community of learners,” says MU President, Dr. Daniel A. Wubah. “This a great example of our EPPIIC value regarding “Public Mission.” We are responding to the needs of people in our communities while building on our long-standing relationship with LCCC.”

A student from LCCC’s Cross-Institutional Studies program who can now transfer easily to Millersville’s Integrated Studies program.

“When I started working for people with intellectual disability, we fought laws that prevented folks from getting married, gathered allies together to break people out of sheltered workshops, and grew shared living arrangements so living in institutions was not the only option,” explains Dr. Thomas Neuville, coordinator of Integrated Studies at Millersville. “Today we welcome scholars with intellectual disability at LCCC and MU and they can choose to transfer like any citizen attending post-secondary education at our institutions.”

LCCC’s Cross-Institutional Studies program is designed to help college students develop specific employability skills for entry level positions. Students can take courses in a variety of electives and in one of seven career focus areas including art, hospitality, health, general trades, educational support, technology and science. LCCC coursework and credits will transfer seamlessly to equivalent classes at Millersville.

Student in Integrated Studies relaxing with her roommate.

Millersville University’s Integrated Studies is a two- or four-year inclusive college initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability. This unique program is the next-step college experience for students who complete LCCC’s revolutionary certificate program.

Integrated Studies at Millersville is part of the Student Success Network (SSN) whose affiliated offices champion achievement, foster opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth, and promote work/life balance for sustained success as a life-long learner. The SSN provides services, resources, and experiences to support a student’s pathway to success.

LCCC and Millersville have worked together to provide opportunities for students with intellectual disability to be fully immersed in higher education.

“There is a growing need for inclusive higher education programs for students,” says LCCC President Dr. Ann D. Bieber. “We are honored to be able to work with Millersville to provide students with opportunities for a college experience so they can be prepared to pursue their career interests. Millersville has been a trailblazer in this area, and LCCC students will no doubt benefit.”

Students must meet eligibility criteria including having a documented diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability, be at least 18 years of age, be able to live in student housing with limited support and have a desire to gain skills for independent living and employment.

For more information on the Millersville program, call 717-871-5963.


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