Friday, April 19th, 2024

University Acappella Group Gets 10.9 Million Views and Counting on Viral TikTok

MU’s acaeppella ensemble is racking up views and followers on TikTok thanks to a viral singing video.

The student-led acappella group Chromatic at Millersville University is having a moment online. A video posted on the group’s TikTok account on October 9 has racked up 10.9 million views, 374,900 likes and more than 86,200 comments. The ensemble’s TikTok account now has 35,200 followers and counting. 

The video, which asked viewers to guess which one of the nine members of the ensemble were singing Someone You Loved by is part of a popular trend on the app. “We slowly saw an influx of a few hundred comments and likes within the [first] few days,” says Noah Manno, music director of Chromatic. “People seemed to be very passionate about their choices and would provide their rationale on who they believed was the person who was singing.” Manno was also quick to note that the soloist’s voice made the video stand out.  

Manno says the group has been overwhelmed with the online response to the video and have continued to have success with their subsequent videos on TikTok. “It means so much to have so many people see our group because we feel like we are really making people’s day with our music and spreading our talent in a positive and engaging way,” he says. 

But creating TikToks isn’t all these student singers do. They also have performances throughout the year, both on campus and elsewhere. “We are currently preparing for our annual International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition which we participate in every year,” says Manno. “Last year we came in first place in our quarterfinal under the direction of Sarah Madonna. We are very excited to compete again! We also plan on releasing an EP later in the year [and will] produce more content on Tik Tok.” You can follow them at @muchromatic on most platforms.  

“We are so happy to be representing Millersville University and the Tell School of Music in such a positive way,” explains Manno. “[It’s an honor] to represent and spread the amazing talent which Millersville and the Tell School of Music have to offer.” 

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