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New Journal Directed by MU Professor Highlights Environmental Justice

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1.

The inaugural issue of the Engage for Change Journal will be released in January 2022. It is being directed by Dr. Kerrie Farkas, professor of English writing studies. The theme for the first issue of the journal is environmental justice, which was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment. This amendment promised citizens a right to clean air and water. Submissions from students, faculty and community residents are welcome until Nov. 1.

Dr. Kerrie Farkas

Farkas says, “This is a new journal that we are launching this year and the goal is to highlight specific social, political and economic issues that affect Lancaster County in particular. I am hoping to bring people together to exchange their experiences and ideas on these important topics.”

Papers will range in topics and style. Submissions can be research articles that aid readers in understanding an issue and its origins. Impact articles will tell readers what is being done or could be done about a particular environmental issue. Common ground and reflection pieces will offer different perspectives on an issue and how two or more sides may come up with a common solution. Creative submissions are also welcome, which will bring awareness to real-world issues in artistic and innovative ways. Another form of article accepted is a critique of a certain platform, individual or organization.

Articles should use APA style and can be submitted to by Nov. 1. For more information about the journal, visit:







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