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Micro-work Experiences Available to Students 

Millersville partners with Parker-Dewey to offer professional development opportunities to students.

In December 2020, Millersville University launched a partnership with Parker Dewey, a mission-driven organization working to address the challenges associated with college-to-career transitions. Parker Dewey seeks to connect students with employers who are looking for workers to fulfill short term project assignments, referred to as micro-work experiences. 

Alyx Matchett, a student at Millersville University, completed a micro-work-experience through Parker Dewey from December 2020 through March 2021. Matchett worked with Aspire360, a network for entrepreneurs that provides customized coaching and continued learning. Matchett created a social media content calendar for the company and learned to use professional communications tools like Buffer and Canva.  

“They gave me access to graphic design tools and a program to schedule content. They also gave me some basic guidelines for what they wanted and who the audience was,” says Matchett. “I put in about two hours a week searching for articles, making promotional designs, & scheduling. Aspire360 was lovely to work with, and I would recommend Parker Dewey to Millersville students!” 

Melissa Wardwell, Director of Experiential Learning and Career Management at Millersville University says, These micro-work experiences provide opportunities for students and recent college graduates to demonstrate their skills, explore careers, and develop their networks as they seek internships and full-time roles.”  

“Experiential Learning and Career Management explored a partnership [with Parker Dewey] in order to provide students with additional opportunities to develop professional experience and be [paid for their work, especially during a time when the pandemic has created upheaval in the employment marketplace,” says Wardwell.  

Parker Dewey’s micro-work experiences come from various industries and disciplines, granting students access to a variety of opportunities for professional development. “The projects are posted by employers and typically pay between $200-$600 for successful completion,” says Wardwell. “Projects typically require 5-40 hours of total work across 1-4 weeks and most can be completed remotely.” 

“Employers who use Parker Dewey come from organizations large and small and post projects at all times of the year,” says Wardell. “Many are using Micro-Work Experiences as a way to augment their college recruitment programs.  Others are from smaller organizations or alumni who have an interest in connecting with and giving back to Millersville students.”

Employers post micro-work experiences on a rolling basis, providing ample opportunity for students to find a program that suites their interests and career goals. Assignments include copywriting, social media management, sales reporting, and more.

Students may visit to create a Career Launcher profile with Parker Dewey and apply for available work experiences.

Employers may visit to view Millersville University’s Parker-Dewey portal and learn more about recruitment opportunities.


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