Thursday, July 7th, 2022
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Student Saves Life at Subway

Millersville student puts CPR Certification into action.

Carson Gabner, a Millersville University student who saved a life.

Carson Gabner, a senior allied health major at Millersville University, was enjoying a meal at Subway near campus when he needed to jump into action. While Gabner and his mom were eating at the restaurant, a staff member became anemic and stopped breathing.  

Gabner says someone asked if anyone in the establishment knew CPR. He rose to the occasion, looking for a recitation mask in the back of the restaurant while his mom called 911. Gabner began performing CPR on the employee until they started to regain consciousness. Gabner encouraged the employee to stay awake until the ambulances arrived.  

As an allied health major, Gabner was certified in CPR in one of his classes at Millersville. Through a hybrid of in-person workshops and online workshops, Gabner learned CPR under Dr. Stratton Shaeffer’s instruction. The class consisted of learning basic CPR concepts and then repeating the actions through hands-on experience.  

Gabner found it ironic that he needed to put his knowledge into action soon after completing his certification.  

“The irony is that I was really nervous in the class,” says Gabner. “I felt a lot more confident once [Dr. Shaeffer] started having me redo things.” Gabner found the one-to-one instruction from Shaeffer to be an asset during his CPR training. The repeated practice of CPR techniques improved his confidence and prepared him to use the skill in the real world. 

In addition to saving lives, Gabner recently completed his physical training certification and is on campus this fall to complete his degree.  

Click here for information on the Allied Health Technology program at Millersville.


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Good onya Carson, way to keep cool in a tense situation. And props to Dr. Stratton for providing Carson with the top notch instruction to allow him to help save a life.

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