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Snapper Names New Editor-in-Chief 

Shaun Lucas Elected New Editor in Chief of the Snapper.

The Snapper, Millersville University’s student newspaper, has a new editor-in-chief this fall, Shaun Lucas. Lucas takes over the role from his predecessor, 2020 graduate Carly O’Neil. The Snapper has been a staple of Millersville’s student community since 1925. As the head of the organization, the editor-in-chief guides The Snapper staff as they publish weekly online articles and create print publications. Lucas, a junior at MU, is a business administration major with a concentration in marketing and minor in English. He’s been involved with The Snapper since August 2019.  

“I actually went to the first meeting they held during the fall 2019 semester. Even before arriving on campus, I initially found out about The Snapper during one of Millersville’s tour days. With a love of writing, along with the fact I was initially a journalism major before shifting to marketing, I knew I had to get involved,” says Lucas. “I have been writing, along with eventually editing and designing, for the publication ever since.” 

Prior to being elected editor-in-chief, Lucas served as the opinion editor, first on campus, then at home when The Snapper was moved online due to COVID-19. “I learned that The Snapper is a complex system with many moving parts. First, there’s the inner network which includes fellow staff members,” says Lucas. “After that, the network expands to numerous other organizations, such as printing companies, local businesses wanting to advertise, and leadership on campus.” 

After speaking with Millersville students who had served as editor-in-chief in the past, Lucas was astonished by the amount of work that the position required.  

“The work does in my opinion pay off as the content produced by The Snapper is greatly appreciated and praised by Millersville students, alumni and staff,” says Lucas. The Snapper serves as a historical record for the University, documenting key events and stories that take place within the campus community.  

In spring 2021, The Snapper produced a magazine edition of The Snapper that highlighted the University’s COVID-19 responses and student experience. The issue received positive feedback from both staff and students who appreciated having this vital piece of University history documented.  

As editor-in-chief, Lucas hopes to be a leader who can encourage his staff to produce their best work. “Throughout my entire Snapper experience, I have been so amazed by the passion and talent behind every member of the staff. Not to mention the high level of kindness and respect everyone shares with one another,” says Lucas. “I want to foster the staff’s ideas and work and create content the whole team can be proud of.”

Outside of The Snapper, Lucas enjoys watching movies, listening to film analysis, collecting DVDs and attending gaming tournaments. When he is not writing for The Snapper, Lucas writes short stories to stay in peak writing shape. He encourages Millersville students to get involved with The Snapper to build career confidence and add to their portfolios for future job prospects.  

“Having one’s writing and design work published is so valuable, especially for those attempting to start careers. I’ve applied to both internships and jobs using my Snapper articles and page layouts as samples,” says Lucas. “Gradually, I’ve garnered a portfolio of works I’m proud of mainly through Snapper involvement. The best way to learn for many people, myself included, is by just doing it.”  

Lucas has already organized weekly meetings with his staff to discuss the first issues.

“The hardest part of starting anything new is, well, starting. Millersville is a tight knit community that has basically any type of club someone could ever want. You don’t have to worry about ‘not being good enough,’ as club leaders are just happy you’re there and trying,” says Lucas. “If I can help anyone this semester even a fraction as much as past and present Snapper members have helped me, I’ll be overjoyed.” 

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