Friday, April 19th, 2024

Alumnus Photoshops Olympian Gabby Thomas into Wonder Woman, Goes Viral

A graphic communications graduate of Millersville University was thrust into internet fame after photoshopping Olympian Gabby Thomas into Wonder Woman.

The Olympics are now at the center of online conversations. So, when Keith Ogden Jr. saw images of track star Gabby Thomas circulating on Twitter that compared her to Wonder Woman, he wondered why no one had created an image depicting her that way. “Usually, social media users are quick to create an image after something starts trending,” he says. “Still, surprisingly I found no photos of her in the actual Wonder Woman outfit, so I figured I would just make one quick and post it to Twitter.” 

Above: Keith Ogden Jr. poses for a photo.

On a whim, the 2012 Millersville University graduate photoshopped an image of the Olympic bronze medalist into Wonder Woman. The graphic communications major says he didn’t expect her to actually see it. “I actually didn’t notice the traction it was making,” he shares. In fact, it was Thomas’s aunt who reached out to Ogden on Twitter and informed him that it was making its way around the internet. “She mentioned that the image was featured on the morning segment of the Today Show during their interview with Gabby,” he shares. “At first, I didn’t believe it. She said the family loved it.” 

Above: The photo that started it all.

In the interview with the Today show, Savannah Guthrie shows the image to Thomas live on air to get her reaction. “I have not seen that, I love that. Thank you guys so much. I love my Twitter family,” she said.  

Ogden himself is a former track and field athlete. “It goes without saying that the Olympics are a pretty big deal, and I love track and field,” he shares. “I ran track for Millersville, so I guess you can say the inspiration just came from my love for the sport and the attention Gabby Thomas was getting at the time.” He says seeing Thomas reacting to his work was gratifying. “I’d be lying if I said I remained calm,” says Ogden. “I was freaking out and was so happy. I was really excited to see her reaction and immediately started telling everyone I know.” 

This is certainly an experience Ogden will never forget. “Overall, this was just an incredible experience,” he shares. “It’s not often that you can say that your work made it to national television. Most of my work I don’t even post, but maybe that will change down the line. I’m just thankful for everyone who has reached out to me, letting me know how awesome all of this is. I’ve learned a lot from so many people over the years.” 

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