Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Study Abroad Offers Opportunities Across the World

The office uses embassy updates from the major study abroad destination countries to make educated decisions on how to proceed with study abroad opportunities.

You can take a class in Korean Listening and see the sights of another country from the comfort of your apartment or home, thanks to Millersville University’s Office of International Programs and Services.  The office now provides students with opportunities to study abroad virtually.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now providing students the ability to “virtually” study abroad. These opportunities will allow students to safely take their studies to other countries or territories.

Over the past year international programs adapted to the risks surrounding traveling internationally by offering different programs. The office uses embassy updates from the major study abroad destination countries to make educated decisions on how to proceed with study abroad opportunities.

Through the different experiences offered, MU students can travel abroad to take classes, participate in service learning, complete internships and conduct research experience.

Two virtual options include studying at Chonnam National University in South Korea and completing a program through the MOSAIC program at Maryville University. The MOSAIC program offers a variety of locations and courses, including virtual online summer programs in Florence, Oxford, Dublin and Panama.

Students studying in the online program in South Korea have the opportunity to take courses such as “Korean Listening and Speaking 1,” “Korean Listening and Speaking 2,” “Introduction to Economics” and “Management Information System.” Additionally, every enrolled student will receive a cultural gift box full of goodies from Korea.

Although neither will take place within the other countries, both programs will enable students to explore the sights of particular locations, interact with other international students and reflect on the role the locations have on learning.

Kiera Kirchner, a student office assistant at IPS encourages her fellow students to consider traveling when it’s safe during their time at MU.

“Everyone that I’ve met who studied abroad has agreed that the experience is very impactful. Anyone should go abroad regardless of their major [or] length of time they have available in their academic schedule,” says Kirchner. “With over 300 program options, there is something for everyone. There are so many things to learn, including understanding more about the world around you, facing obstacles, working to problem-solve and building extraordinary friendships. All of these are part of a journey abroad!”

Kircher studied abroad in French Speaking-Belgium during her senior year of high school. After learning to speak French, she was encouraged to continue studying the language at Millersville. She has since studied abroad in a MU partnership program in Normandy, France.

Dr. Christina Kinney, the associate director of Education Abroad and Partnerships believes studying abroad can help Millersville students professionally and academically.

“Professional study abroad programs offer an opportunity to get hands-on experience in their field in a diverse environment. There are techniques and skills that our students can learn in the international placement that they may not be able to experience in a local internship or placement,” says Kinney. “In terms of academics, many participants focus on completing general education requirements abroad, or they seek unique courses in their major that Millersville doesn’t offer.”

There are other ways MU students can get involved with the IPS office outside of studying abroad. Students can join Global Marauders, a social club for anyone with an interest in all things international or the Global Ambassadors, a professional volunteer organization for students who want to work with other cultures, help with IPS events. Students could also work for the Office of IPS as a Student Office Assistant.

Interested in studying abroad? Learn more information here.


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