Sunday, February 25th, 2024
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Leizel Schlott to Serve as Millersville SGA President 

Leizel Schlott is the newly elected president of Millersville’s Student Government Association.

Leizel Schlott is the newly elected president of Millersville University’s Student Government Association.  

Originally from Narrowsburg, New York, Schlott is a senior majoring in International Studies. She previously served as director of social affairs for SGA. “I wanted to work in a position that had a direct connection to making a difference at Millersville University,” says Schlott. “What better position than president?”  

After over a year of distance learning, Schlott looks forward to experiencing Millersville’s return to campus. “After everything we have been through, the electrifying energy of students walking the campus for the first time is going to be tenfold because most students have not been to Millersville since the start of the pandemic,” says Schlott.  

As SGA president, Schlott’s primary goals are to ensure a smooth transition in the fall as the University returns to campus. Schlott hopes to increase SGA’s activity on campus through volunteering and outreach efforts to students and organizations. Schlott also hopes to develop fundraising events that will allow students to raise money for organizations and departments on campus.  

For students looking to get involved with SGA, Schlott encourages students to reach out to the organization via social media and Millersville’s Get Involved page. “We provide amazing work experience to our members and being a representative gives students the opportunity to make a direct impact on campus,” says Schlott.  

“I am incredibly excited and honored to be the student body president of Millersville University,” says Schlott. “My team and I will do everything in our power to make students’ experience at Millersville the beset it can be. We are here for you!”  

To learn more about Millersville SGA, click here. 


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