Left to right – Major Kevin Krupski (Prof. of Military Science for Blue Mountain Battalion Army ROTC), 2LT Delaney Hahn (F&M), 2LT Faith Willenbrock (MU), Brigadier General Beth Salisbury (MU ROTC Alumni 90′ – guest speaker), 2LT Victoria Brown (MU) and 2LT Sebastian Venable (MU).

A commissioning ceremony is the culmination of years of study and training. It marks the transition from officer trainee to leader of soldiers and results in a cadet becoming a commissioned officer. On Sunday, May 16, three Millersville University students who were part of the Millersville University Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program were commissioned at a ceremony in the Winter Center on campus.

The three were Victoria Brown, Sebastian Venable and Faith Willenbrock.

Brown graduated from Millersville with a bachelor’s in government and political affairs with a minor in international studies. She is from Lancaster and will now join the Adjutant General Corps in the PA Army National Guard

Venable graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied engineering and technology management with a focus in drafting and design. From Manchester, Pennsylvania he will become an engineer in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Left to right – 2LT Victoria Brown, 2LT Delaney Hahn, 2LT Sebastian Venable and 2LT Faith Willenbrock.

Willenbrock graduated from Millersville this month and now holds a degree in sociology with a focus in criminology and a minor in military science. Hailing from Downingtown, she will now go into aviation and will spend the next few years at Fort Rucker in Alabama, completing Basic Officer Training, SERE School and Flight School.

The Millersville University Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program was established in 1974 and has a partnership with Dickinson College. Together they are known as The Blue Mountain Battalion. Students from York College of Pennsylvania, Franklin & Marshall College can also participate in the ROTC program at Millersville.

In addition to the Millersville students, Delaney Hahn from F&M was also commissioned. Brigadier General Beth Salisbury, a 1990 alum of Millersville and ROTC, was the guest speaker.







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