Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Love is in the Air at MU

Many people have met great friends and found mentors while attending Millersville University – and some have even been lucky to meet their significant others on campus, too. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we recently asked our Instagram followers to share their MU love stories. From random classes together, to enjoying each other’s company in marching band, love is in the air!

1. “We met through the marching band and music department! Four years later and he proposed in July!”– Allison Raffin, class of 2018.

2. “We both started as meteorology majors and we met for the first time in the weather center five years ago.”– Danielle Greene, class of 2020.

3. “He was the cutie who lived down the hall!” – Kayleigh DeWalt, class of 2023.

4. “We had every class together our first semester freshman year! We have been inseparable ever since!”– Carlee Kinsell, class of 2022.

5. “We were the only two to talk in our debate class. We had coffee over the decisions of the Nixon era.” – Gillian Green and Ben Snyder, class of 2020.

6. “We were both late for class, we became best friends and dated three years later. Now we are married with one kiddo!” – Jenna Rose and Nick Rose, class of 2009.

7. “We met at the SMC, I worked there, and he hooped every day. We have been together 24 years and two kids later, we are still going strong!” – Elaine Smith and Tony Smith, class of 1998.

8. “We met in third grade, moved away from each other and then met again nine years later as the same major.” – Vivian Feliciani, class of 2021.

9. “We were cast as romantic interests in a short play!” – Dezi Donaldson, class of 2017.

10. “We sat next to each other the first day of orientation. Two years after college, we are happily married!” – Molly T., class of 2018.

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