Susan P. Luek Hall, 24 Byerly Dr., Millersville
Enter Luek Hall through the middle set of doors on the front of the building which faces East Frederick street.

In order to continue to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff, Millersville University has begun offering voluntary, randomized COVID-19 testing on campus. If you are offered voluntary testing, use the following process to go about completing the testing:

1. Check Your Email
You will receive an email offering you a COVID-19 test. Follow the directions in the email to sign up for your testing time slot.

Download the NAVICA App  – The app can easily be found in the app store or by following the link in the email.

Follow the instructions on the app to set up your NAVICA ID for testing.

2. Get Tested

The student workers will ask to see your NAVICA ID.

Once you enter the building you will be greeted by student workers who will ask to see your NAVICA ID. They will then hand you a test and you will be directed down the hall to the testing room.

Health Services staff will administer your test by nasal swab. You pull your mask beneath your nose at this point in order for them to administer your test. There is hand sanitizer and tissues available for you in the testing room.

Watch Zoe Berrier go through testing process.

As you leave, thank the front line workers – Health Services nurses who administered your test.

3. Wait for Your Results
Your results will be on the NAVICA app. You will get both an email and a notification on your phone when the results are finished, in less than 20 minutes.

4. MU Offers Symptomatic Tests, too.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and wish to get tested call Health Services at 717-871-5250.


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