Fill in your New Year’s Goals for 2021!

With the New Year underway, many of us set goals for 2021. We recently asked our followers on Instagram to share their goals. From academic goals, to personal growth – everyone is looking forward to making positive changes in 2021.

  • “To talk to my friends more and take care of myself.” Delaney Kennedy, class of 2024
  • “To apply to go back to Millersville for my master’s degree!” Mirandon Blynn, class of 2020
  • “To practice real self-care and make myself proud!” Megan Hlodash, class of 2021
  • “To focus on school while working to pay off my school and prevent debt for myself!” Nicole Taylor, class of 2024
  • “Top of list: have a more mindful mindset, not procrastinate and make sure to read more.” Brendan Staudt, class of 2022
  • “To officially start working on my master’s degree and begin a fulltime teaching career!” Danielle Greene, class of 2020
  • “Do something creative at least once a month! (For example, crochet, paint, weave, etc.) Rebecca Pagila, class of 2020
  • “Working towards self-love and get on the Dean’s list in the spring semester!” Riley Morton, class of 2022
  • “To put as much care into myself as I do with others.” Samantha Berdel, class of 2022
  • “To keep working out with my club, (CHAARG) and eat healthier.” Christina Wagner, class of 2022







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