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Get to Know the Women in Millersville University’s Business Majors: Emily Horn


Emily Horn is a proud Marauder who hails from Broomall, Pennsylvania. She’s pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in economics at Millersville University and plans to graduate in the spring of 2021. “With this degree, I hope to start with a career along the lines of financial planning and investment analysis.” says Horn.  

Horn’s eyes are firmly fixed on her future. “After I have a few years of industry experience under my belt, I would like to become a financial advisor,” she explains. “I find that I put the needs of others before my own and I love the thought of leading others to a financially successful future. I am also empowered as a woman to enter a male-dominated industry.”  

Horn says that through her internships and research, she’s learned that the finance industry can be a real boys club. But armed with her unique skill set and an education from Millersville University, she feels confident she’ll find her place in the world of finance. “I will find success in my career and I believe the hardships will be well worth the fight,” she explains.  

Through her studies at Millersville University, Horn has found many ways to prepare herself for her career and to get involved on campus. She’s a member of the Marauder Fund Student Investment Association and says she’s learned many valuable lessons from her participation in the organization. “The Marauder Fund provides students with a hands-on investment experience by managing real money,” she explains. “Analysts collaborate as a research team and present investment ideas to other members in hopes to achieve an overall positive return for the portfolio.” This type of hands-on experience, a hallmark of a Millersville education, is an invaluable asset for any aspiring business professional like Horn.  

Because of her hard work in the organization, Horn was named the CEO of the Marauder Fund for the 2020-2021 school year. “As CEO, I hope to promote networking between members to encourage more involvement at our meetings,” she says. “Further, I’d love to see members keeping up to date with our portfolio during this volatile time as it is a great learning experience for young investors. The Marauder Fund has been nothing but a positive experience for me and I hope to continue this for other members.”  

Creating a safe space for women in business to be heard is passion of Horn’s, and so she helped to create a group to do just that. “I am a co-founder of a women’s group for all female members in the Marauder Fund to network, comfortably share ideas and opinions, and to bring to light some of the issues women may come to face in the business industry,” she shares. “Being a woman in the business industry can be stressful. With this group, I hope to support, motivate and empower young businesswomen to take risks and help build confidence.” Horn plans to expand the women’s group to include all women in the Lombardo College of Business.  

But Horn hasn’t just honed her business-savvy on campus: she’s also completed internships in the industry to add to her already impressive resume. She interned at Ameriprise Financial Services where she focused on data migration, wrote financial plan summaries for clients and more. Horn resumed an internship at Align Wealth Strategies this fall that was briefly put on hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “My role here was to assist our Investment Analyst in a few projects including rebalancing model portfolios, distinguishing underperforming outlier funds in client accounts and recommending beneficial changes for client portfolios,” she says. “My co-workers continuously devote their time to educate me on all aspects of the industry and I am so thankful for this experience. They are huge role models for me. Internships are such a valuable opportunity for students to gain exposure to their aspiring field of study.” 

Horn has this word of advice to any aspiring business professional looking at colleges: “Study, study, study!” she says. “Take advantage of each semester by learning, understanding and retaining class material rather than just trying to get by. You’d be surprised how valuable the knowledge you gain from Millersville’s business courses is to your future success in a career.” 

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