Sunday, October 1st, 2023
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SGA President Shares Plans

The SGA holds meetings virtually through Zoom this semester on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

When the Student Government Association (SGA) began the academic year, the organization was under the leadership of new president, John Smith IV.  Smith is a graphic and interactive design major who hails from Philadelphia and expects to graduate the spring of 2021. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the SGA is operating remotely this semester.

Smith shares that the remote operation of the SGA will not impact their mission to connect student voices to University administration. “As the new president of SGA, I want to make the students the main priority and focus of every decision that SGA makes,” he says, “Our previous president, John Tintera, made great strides to have the students’ voices heard. I want to keep that going.”

Smith hopes to hold meetings with those from administration and academic departments, as well as various student leaders, in order to expand access to information. The SGA also plans to hold virtual office hours where students will be able to drop in and speak with an SGA member when they have concerns or questions.

Smith acknowledges the importance of making student’s feel they have a voice on campus, “Some of the initiatives that I have are to work with student leaders to help build diversity and inclusion on the campus. I also would like to have SGA be more transparent to the student body. I want to help spread more resources to the student body.”

“With this unprecedented time, SGA is finding many ways for students to have an open dialogue. One way we are creating open communication is by bringing members of the administration to some of our meetings so they can answer questions directly from students,” Smith shares, “We also will have our student trustee, Adam Bachman, come to as many meetings as possible so he can listen in and voice any concerns and suggestions to the council of trustees. Our directors all have emails that are listed on our “Get Involved” page and they will be looking at their emails every day, all day. With this, they will be able to get any concerns to the University as quickly as possible.”

Smith explains why he is looking forward to being president of the SGA this year, “Being involved on campus gives me an opportunity to give students a voice. I am also able to work with the University to make a better place for the students of today and future Marauders.”

The SGA holds meetings virtually through Zoom this semester on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Students who wish to be involved can find access to meetings and more information through the SGA’s Instagram, @millersvillesga, and the group’s Facebook page.


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