Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Download the Millersville App Today

Bet you didn’t even know we had an app, did you? Well, now you know and here are just some of the reasons why you should download Millersville University’s app today: 

  1. IMPORTANT INFO, ALL IN ONE PLACE: One of the best things about the MU app is that is seamlessly pulls together all the most important information you might be looking for into one place. Trying to find a professor’s email? It’s there. Looking for today’s Tweet? That’s there, too! What about the forecastYou can find that in our app, too. 
  2. SEE WHAT’S FOR LUNCH: Want to know what’s for lunch today? You can find out just by downloading the app. It’s also frequently updated with dining hours, so you can be in the know about when you should head across campus to grab dinner. 
  3. USE THE INTERACTIVE MAP: If you need help finding something on campus, our easy-to-use interactive map can help get you wherever you need to go at the ‘Ville.  
  4. ACCESS EMERGENCY INFO IN A SNAP: Need to get a hold of Health Services, stat? Just click on the Emergency button, right on the home screen of the app to get connected with important emergency services, on campus and off.  
  5. CHECK OUT CAMPUS EVENTS: If you’re looking for something fun to do just peruse the calendar to see what events are happening on campus and online.  
  6. GET REAL-TIME ALERTS: Whenever Millersville sends out an alert, you’ll get a push notification informing you, right on your phone.

Ready to download the app? Click below! 


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