Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Thinking About Going to Grad School for Science? Sign Up for This Event

There’s a new club on campus: The Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering: STEM Undergraduates Preparing for Excellence in Research – or ADSE SUPER, for short. The chapter at Millersville University is headed up Dr. Kathryn Allenwho uses the club to help undergraduate students interested in earning a graduate degree in one of the STEM subjects (science, technologyengineering and math)  

ADSE SUPER seeks to help ANY and ALL STEM students interested in going to graduate school,” says Dr. Allen. We want MU students to select the best academic or non-academic track for their career – and if grad school fits into it, we want to make that process as easy as possible.” To that end, the club is hosting an online graduate school Q&A panel on September 17 from 6 to 8:50 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.  

This webinar is set to be hosted by a number of panelists who work in the sciences, including four of MU’s own alumni: Jenn Houtz (Biology, Cornell), Liam Schroeder (Chemistry, U Del), Natalie Sukanick (Pharmacy, U Maryland), and James Dreer (currently completing his residency, formerly at LeCOM). The event will give students an opportunity to chat with representatives with backgrounds in a variety of professional and graduate programs – from physics and bio to pharmacy and chemistry. Students can ask questions and get advice on what to expect when applying for and then pursuing a higher degree in the STEM fields.  

Attendees have the chance to win $25- $100 Amazon gift cards by participating in Q&A on the ADSE Instagram at @adse.supermu. 

Ready to sign up? 

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