Friday, August 12th, 2022

Fund the ‘Ville Helps MU Projects

Marching Band Director Dr. Joseph Cernuto says Fund the ‘Ville is a tremendous resource for raising needed funds.

Millersville University (MU) has a new way for students, faculty and staff to raise funds needed for projects, events and efforts. The new “Fund the ‘Ville” is a crowdfunding platform that is designed to empower members of the MU community by helping provide financial support.

Each of the projects must meet certain criteria before you can apply:

  • The project must be affiliated with the University.
  • It must have approval from the individual/organization’s head or director.
  • The project must have an established University fund for the gifts to be directed to.
  • There should be a dedicated project leader who will spearhead the project and help promote it throughout the campaign.
  • The project should have a realistic, defined and measurable fundraising goal.
  • The project should have a thought-out timeframe and a thorough marketing and outreach strategy.

Projects that are accepted through the application process will be posted on the Fund the ‘Ville website where viewers can donate money and learn more about the importance of the different programs.

Donors are able to view the different projects in order to provide help for the one that matters to them. Projects that are posted to the Fund the ‘Ville site are able to be shared through email and social media to promote the projects to a larger audience.

The Marching Band is using Fund the ‘Ville to help cover the costs of new marching band uniforms. Photo is from before COVID-19.

Currently there are seven campaigns that are looking for donations on the Fund the ‘Ville website. These programs include on-going projects like the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund that assists students who were impacted financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

One of the current organizations that is accepting donations is the Millersville University Marauder Marching Band. The group is using Fund the ‘Ville to help cover the costs of new marching band uniforms.

The group initially started their fundraiser in February and so far, it has been a success. The group was able to begin their fundraiser through MU’s development office. The group worked together to help design and implement the project.

Marching Band Director Dr. Joseph Cernuto appreciates the new website. “Fund the ‘Ville is a tremendous resource for raising needed funds for MU organizations and our students,” says Cernuto. “For our band we would not be able to even consider making a purchase like our new uniforms without the assistance of community partners and donors and programs like Fund the ‘Ville. It is critical for our success!”

Former students and members of the Millersville community are encouraged to give to these different fundraisers. One alumna who has stepped up to give through this new platform is Karen J. Murley (Ashkar) ‘63.

During her time at Millersville she was involved in band, choir, English Club, Alpha Beta Alpha and was a dorm representative on the Women’s Council. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science concentrating in library science.

Raised by parents who were strong advocates for education, Murley continues to give back to education. She has given to multiple organizations on campus, has endowed multiple academic scholarships and regularly participates in annual fund campaigns, including some featured on Fund the ‘Ville.

“By supporting academic excellence scholarships, I would hope the availability of financial support might be a drawing card for gifted prospective students to consider, then choose Millersville, and thereby, continue to raise the University’s standards for excellence in academic performance,” says Murley. “A second motivation is to remind alums that many of us who have had less flashy (or lucrative) careers than VPs and CEOs can still make gifts – of any amount – in appreciation for the four productive years at Millersville that set us on our lives’ paths.”

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