Sunday, May 26th, 2024

Here Are 5 Tips for Freshmen From MU Grads 

With classes underway, some Millersville University alumni and members of the Council of Trustees are sharing their best tips for incoming students to ensure a successful semester. Check out these ideas for creating a support system, making friends and keeping up with classes.

1. “My advice would be to find a way to get involved in a few organizations that interest you, even if much of it is virtual for now. Being active at Millersville will be a game changer for you and led me to some of the most amazing experiences of my life and also to some of the closest friends of my life (including my wife of 16 years). When in doubt, just give a new opportunity or new campus activity a chance and see if you like what they are interested in doing. This is certainly a time in which communities are looking for helpers. Find a way to volunteer either near Millersville or in your home community during your freshman year. Getting involved will enrich your collegiate experience across in all facets of growth, development and fun.” - Tom Baker, ‘02 
2. “Find people who make you feel good. Think about what is important to you and surround yourself with those qualities. Be your true authentic self. Others will see right through you if you try to be somebody or something else”– Saul Fink, ‘85 
3. “Don’t underestimate yourself and your potential. Your life’s trajectory will be greatly influenced by what you learn at Millersville University and even more by how you apply yourself in these years ahead. Take every opportunity to become involved in things that excite you. Be courageous to try new things”– Brandon Danz, ‘03
4. “Both virtual and in-person, one of the best ways to find friends is to join a group or organization that may align with your interests. Check to see if there are students from your high school or neighborhood that may be attending Millersville and get connected with them. If nervous, relax - you are not the Lone Ranger when it comes to being a little uncertain about beginning college.” - Rich Frerichs, ‘64, ‘69 (M) 
5. “You support will come from many sources including other students, professors, family members, Millersville staff and evening mentors. Building mentor/mentee relationships can be a significant approach that can provide your lifelong support in school, work and life. In addition to classes, keep a good schedule of studies and exam prep every week/day. Adjust as your priorities change and cross things off when they’re done. It will help you not to procrastinate”– Saul Fink, ‘85 

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