Tuesday, May 30th, 2023
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Sweet Internship at Turkey Hill

Macy Souders notes that the classes in her major helped prepare her for her summer internship.

This past summer, Macy Souders applied what she learned in the classroom at Millersville University (MU) by working with Turkey Hill Dairy as their summer marketing graphics Intern.

Souders is a senior applied engineering and technology management major with a concentration in graphic communications technology. In addition to her major, Souders is also completing a marketing minor, the president of MU’s Marauder Graphics club and serves as the marketing intern for Dining Services on-campus.

Macy Souders standing in front of Turkey Hill products.

At Turkey Hill Souders used her skills for a variety of design work earning her experience in product packaging, signage, promotional materials and sales collateral. She also edited and created new imagery for web and print usage.

Souders noted that the classes in her major helped prepare her for the internship due to skills she was taught. “My classes greatly prepared me for understanding both the marketing and graphics side of my position. I better understand advertising and how package design and signage affects consumer purchasing and target markets,” says Souders. “I was also able to apply the knowledge I have on the printing industry to my work when designing graphics for print and even requesting price quotes.”

A highlight of the internship for Souders was attending a photography shoot for a new line of products to be released. The shoot showed her all aspects of marketing photography. “Being able to witness what all goes into food photography, especially when the subject of the photos is ice cream, is an eye-opening experience,” Souders joked.

One of the biggest learning experiences from the internship Souders earned was taking constructive criticism for her work. “I learned to push past my design limits and grow from constructive criticism while in a corporate professional work environment. It is one thing to do this within a class, but it feels more rewarding and beneficial when happening in industry.”

This internship is one Souders is sure to remember and will top her resume when she graduates in the spring of 2021. “This internship has been an amazing experience and I am thankful for Turkey Hill Dairy still providing such a beneficial learning opportunity. It has allowed me to better myself professionally, enhance my design capabilities and offered me a sneak peek into a field that genuinely intrigues me: food and beverage packaging.”

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