Millersville University (MU) is now offering a bachelor’s degree in information technology (INTE). Classes for this new major are underway for the fall 2020 semester.

Newly hired assistant professor and the first faculty member in the Department of Computer Science to teach INTE classes, Dr. Behrooz Etesamipour, says information technology (IT) professionals are needed.

Assistant professor and the first faculty member in the Department of Computer Science to teach INTE classes, Dr. Behrooz Etesamipour.

“As technology advancements change our lives, there are more well-qualified IT professionals needed to create and maintain information systems,” said Etesamipour. “In all aspects of our society such as healthcare transportation, education, businesses and government – information technology plays an important role. In every place where technology is involved, there is a need for an IT professional to create and support the system. And, because of the current pandemic, there are even more jobs in the field.”

The new program is designed for students to gain comprehensive knowledge in the IT field using practical hands-on skills to support organizational IT infrastructure and users.

The INTE program has two components. The first is the core, which is required for all INTE majors. The second is an option selection. There is an option available in health care analytics with several additional options under development.

Dr. Hardy assisting one of her students during class.

Dr. Nazli Hardy, associate professor of computer science, led the development of the program. “It is a digital world and information technology is an extremely in-demand field as businesses increasingly rely on information technology products and services for everyday business operations,” Hardy said. “IT incorporates the selection, creation, application, communication technologies, integration and administration of computing devices to meet the organizational needs, individual user demands, and society at large.”

Hardy noted that, due to an increase in people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, IT professionals have never been more valuable.

“It is very clear that societies, businesses, and governments have become more dependent on telecommunication, computer systems and in general information technology,” she said. “Thus, the demand for IT professionals is greater than ever.”

Students graduating in INTE can pursue careers in a wide variety of fields:

  • Health Care Business Analyst
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Network Specialists
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Technology Analysts
  • Information Technology Leadership
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • System Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Web Developer

Etesamipour earned his doctorate in information technology and his master’s in applied information technology from Towson University in Maryland, where he also taught 65 classes since 2012.

For more information about this major, please contact: Dr. Behrooz Etesamipour or Dr. Nazli Hardy via email at:;


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