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Mamie Covell Newest Member of Millersville Borough Council

Mamie Covell is newest student advisor on Millersville’s Borough Council.

Mamie Covell didn’t waste any time getting involved in Millersville University (MU) campus organizations. By the first week of her freshman year, she was a member on Millersville’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Covell has always been passionate about being an advocate for the University and community engagement, she said. That is why when she got the opportunity to become the newest student advisor on Millersville’s Borough Council, she took it.

Covell was awarded the position in late May and will serve for a calendar year as a non-voting member.

“It’s an amazing opportunity,” Covell said. “At first I wondered if I had time to add another position. I decided this was something I was willing to commit to because increasing the town and University relationship is valuable.”

Covell, a rising senior with a major in communications studies and minor in sociology, hopes to increase the “town and gown” relationship through reporting the University’s accomplishments, current events and initiatives.

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Covell believes improved social media communication can help University students remain up to date on the wants and needs of the borough.

“Students need to be fully in support of the regulations put in place to keep the borough safe during this pandemic,” she said. “We are in a time where a lot of recommendations are being made for social distancing. We, as students, need to keep in mind we’re coming into a community that has year-round residents, some of whom have spent their lifetime in this Borough. We need to have respect and awareness for the entire Millersville community’s safety.”

Along with her work in the Millersville Borough, Covell is a Lead Student Ambassador for the Undergraduate Admissions Office and the Director of Student Life through SGA, an executive board position. The student who held the same position before her, Abbey Ford, was also the Student Advisor to Millersville’s Borough Council. Ford served as an influential peer mentor in student leadership for Mamie and she encouraged Covell to take the opportunity.

From there, Covell had to complete a written application and complete interviews with borough council members.

“I felt prepared for this process,” she said. “Thankfully, Millersville University has given me various opportunities to engage in speaking environments. I feel comfortable in those formal settings to speak about myself in a professional manner.”

Covell will hold her position with the borough council for one year, which will lead into her spring 2021 graduation. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in the non-profit business sector as an advocate for care givers and childcare.

She hopes her experience with the borough council will help prepare her for what’s to come.

“I care deeply about the communities I’m a part of,” she said. “I’m fortunate to have had an amazing experience at Millersville. There are voices we need to elevate further. I took it upon myself to hear concerns and take action.”

The Millersville Borough Council meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.


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