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10 Heartwarming Love Stories that Began at MU

Read on to discover sweet stories of love from alumni and students at MU.

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So many important relationships have begun at Millersville University (MU), some people have been lucky enough to find their significant other while on campus. We recently asked our followers on Facebook to share how they met their matches. From marching band, to Greek life, love is in the air at MU!

1. “Move in day, fall 2003. My RA started a pickup volleyball game behind Harbold Hall. My competitive self-dove for the ball, my gentleman of a husband came over and helped me up. Started dating 3 weeks later. Married 8 years later.”- Amber Lee Czerniakowski
2. “Met my husband, Michael Platchek on the practice field for the Millersville Marching Band! We lived down the hall from each other in Gaige. Now, we’ve been married for 25 years and have 3 kids who also participate in band.”- Dawn Blackledge Platchek
3. “I met my girlfriend in October 2016 at The Anchor. I will never forget that day. I’ve had many special memories at Millersville, but that one is the most special to me. We are very grateful for our time at MU. We have been together for over 2 years now, and are both MU grads Kaylee Elizabeth ??” – Nate Andrews
4. “We met at the Upper Deck in January 2009 when a mutual friend brought our two separate groups of friends together for dinner. We were best friends all throughout college and didn’t start dating until five years later…on April Fool’s Day nonetheless! So, we really confused everyone there for a bit because they couldn’t tell if we were being serious or not. ? Eight months later he proposed and nine months after that we were married! Now we’re getting ready to celebrate five years of marriage and welcoming our first child August 2020!” – Christina Julia Sheehan
5. “My husband, Don Rice, and I met in line at registration our first semesters at MU, Fall of 1967. We will celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary in October. Both of our daughters and their husbands also graduated from Millersville. ??” – Leslie Fishel Rice
6. “I met George Cramer on July 8, 1988 at Millersville. He was a TKE, I was DZ. We married December 29, 1990 and we are still going strong and have 3 amazing kids.” – Heather Mattis Cramer
7. “My husband and I met there in 2014 at the John Newman Catholic Center! Just had our 3rd wedding anniversary and second baby! He was a grad student who lived in Texas and I was just starting out as a transfer in my sophomore year. We definitely wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for MU!”- Mary Hernandez
8. “I met my girlfriend Mackenzie Patrice of 4 years in Professor Sheaffer’s English Comp. class. I offered to make a copy for her and that was the start! We had mutual friends and kept running into each other. I was sitting on the couch in Shenks one night and she came in with a friend and we talked all night and we just kept getting close from there ❤️?️‍?”- Brianna Lynnette
9. “I met my husband Brent Smallwood through DJ-ing for WIXQ, the best student org on campus!!!”- Vivian Oblivion
10. “My husband and I met our freshman year in the Anchor. Our four best friends who also are now married also met at Millersville. All six of us were student athletes and from the three couples we now have two babies! ??”- Kelli Habecker

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