Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Help MU’s Marching Band Get New Uniforms

Millersville’s marching band is raising funds for new uniforms.

The Millersville Marching Band (MUMMB) is in need of new uniforms and is now accepting donations through Millersville University’s new crowdfunding platform, Fund the ‘Ville.

The marching band has championed school spirit at football games and community events at MU for decades, and this year, the group has received an invitation to perform at the 2020 6ABC Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and the 2020 QVC West Chester Christmas Parade. The band is seen by thousands each year, highlighting their importance as ambassadors for MU.

Dr. Joseph Cernuto has been the director of  Millersville’s Marching band for two seasons. He noted the importance of Millersville’s fundraising opportunities. “Fund the ‘Ville is a tremendous resource for raising money for MU organizations and for our students,” said Cernuto. “We would not be able to even consider making a purchase like our new uniforms without the assistance of community partners and donors and programs like Fund the ‘Ville. It is critical for our success!”

The band has been working with top industry professionals to design sleek and professional uniforms. The new look will help highlight the importance of the band to the University.

Thus far, they’ve raised over $70,000 for the fund and are inching closer to their $100,000 goal. As an incentive to donate, the band is offering gifts like a signed photo of the group, CDs, T-shirts, football game tickets and exclusive memorabilia to donors who give over a certain amount. Additionally, donors can opt to adopt an entire section of the band.

Want to donate to the marching band’s fundraiser?

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