Monday, April 15th, 2024

Millersville Extends Campaign

To support students, Millersville University has extended the “Imagine the Possible” Campaign.

In light of the magnitude of the challenges facing Millersville University students and their families as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Millersville President Daniel A. Wubah has announced an extension of the “Imagine the Possible” fundraising campaign to support student success. The “Imagine the Possible” campaign is the first fundraising campaign in the history of the University focused entirely on students.

When the campaign launched in July 2017 with a $32 million goal to raise funds for student scholarships, athletics and student experiences, no one imagined that as of June 2020, the campaign would be at more than $44.8 million in support—over 140% to goal.

“While the impact on students has been tremendous already, the expansion of the “Imagine the Possible” campaign has the ability to benefit every student seeking support during this difficult time,” said Wubah. “Now, more than ever, it is important to support the critical needs of our students in the wake of the financial adversity created by the coronavirus pandemic. We, as a University, are well positioned to assist the region’s economic recovery through retraining adults for new jobs in the workforce, certificate programs to strengthen resumes, and expanded programs including the newly minted Lombardo College of Business. Millersville University has the personnel and programs needed to make a difference in this difficult time.”

“Though we are in the middle of a pandemic, now is an important time to give back to the Millersville Community,” says student athlete, Benjamin Fellman ’21. “Many students in college were working part-time or even full-time, to ease the burden of student loan debt. During this time, many students are unable to work, which in some cases means they will be unable to pay for their next semester in college. Giving back to the University during this time could help spur a chain reaction in which these students later help a future student in a similar situation.”

To date, through the campaign, generous donors gave over $14.3 million in new scholarship funds for students, over $4.6 million in funds to support Marauder Athletics and over $25.9 million to support student experiences like student faculty research, study abroad, internship stipends, and funds to support unique student learning experiences at the brand new Lombardo College of Business. The length and goal for the extension will be determined at a later time.

“The impact of any gift during this time period is amplified because of the damage caused by the pandemic,” says James K. Sullivan, a student athlete at Millersville. “Thank you for your selfless giving.”

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