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Millersville: Safest School in PA

Additionally, MU ranked as the 16th safest college in the country.

Millersville University (MU) is once again listed as one of the nation’s safest schools and the safest school in Pennsylvania! It’s the second year in a row that ranked MU as the safest college in Pennsylvania. Additionally, MU ranked as the 16th safest college in the country.

“Each year Millersville students and staff have engaged with the University Police toward making our community a safe and nice place to live, study, work and visit. I’m proud of how our students look out for each other,” says Millersville University Police Chief Pete Anders.

Millersville is safest campus in Pennsylvania

Chief Anders also noted that health and counseling services and housing and student resident assistants all help students in need. Millersville launched the Green Dot initiative this year toward bystander intervention to decrease power-based violence. “The student facilitators with Green Dot epitomize how students look out for each other on campus and off campus, these students are compassionate and protective of others.”

The rankings are based on data from the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security report and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Different factors are taken into consideration including the number of violent crimes, property crimes, hate crimes and violent crimes against women. Through analyzing these factors, the website creates an overall crime score for each school. ranks public, private and non-profit institutions that offer two-year and four-year degrees.

One of the many emergency blue boxes on campus.

Millersville’s commitment to student and campus safety contributed to the high ranking. The University has multiple safety features available to students including around the clock police assistance, a trained behavioral intervention team and blue light emergency phones. The website noted Millersville’s dedication to security through the implementation of the LiveSafe app.

The LiveSafe app allows for quick assistance in case of an emergency and has a variety of features including the ability to submit tips and information about suspicious activity, mental health concerns and assault. Students can also use the app to track a friend’s location while they walk home or to request a safety escort from University Police. is a website that aims to provide security tools and information to build a safer environment. Each year, the website combines a list of the safest colleges across the country to help potential students understand the safety of each school. The list of colleges focuses on how campuses use crime prevention measures and crisis management systems to ensure lower crime rates.

More of the University’s safety features can be found on The full list of the safest colleges across the country by can be found at












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