Dr. Kerrie Farkas, professor of English and writing studies at Millersville University, wanted to find a way to contribute to her community during the COVID-19 crisis. However, Farkas is immunocompromised, making her options limited. So, she chose to use her strength of writing to give back by creating a children’s book, which parents and others can access for free.

Farkas, a full-time professor, is a parent of two children. After speaking with her children and some of her students, Farkas realized the difficulties of explaining the importance of social distancing to children without making COVID-19 seem too scary. The children’s book, titled “Together, We Can!” follows a character named Polly who starts noticing the impacts of the virus. When three superheroes are unable to help, Polly suggests everyone work together to slow down the virus.

Farkas wrote the story to be educational, to help parents communicate with their children about a topic which might be difficult to understand and also be hopeful. “I’d love to share the book with as many families as possible because I think stories are a great way to start conversations about important issues and allow kids to ask questions that they may not otherwise feel comfortable asking,” she explains.

As people continue practicing social distancing in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19, Farkas finds that sticking to routines, getting exercise and practicing yoga, spending time outdoors, and carving out time for fun activities with her family have been helping her.

Free access to the children’s book, “Together, We Can!” can be found here: https://read.bookcreator.com/N1fIKNGLU2YuXCiKitcPHy0Oq6C2/x0MNUF7gSrq0VRDVVxUU2A


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  1. Kerrie,
    Outstanding contribution, timely as well as compassionately and cleverly conceived. Parents and kids will benefit greatly. Congratulations. Cheers, jw

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