Monday, July 15th, 2024

They’re Making 200+ Masks For MU By Hand. Here’s How You Can Help.

Above: Claire Molitoris, a student at MU, sews a non-medical face mask. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one employee at Millersville University, with the help of some student workers, is taking up the task of hand-sewing 200+ masks for the University. Priscilla Kaufhold is the manager of the Millersville University Costume Rental Shop and is no stranger to short turnaround times for sewing projects. “The Theater Department was asked by the dean if they could help with making masks for essential workers at MU after Governor Tom Wolf announced the need for everyone on the state campuses to be protected with face masks,” she explained. “My department head, Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz emailed me and I jumped at the chance to help out!”

It’s turned out to be quite the task for Kaufhold and her dependable aids, Nick Blair and Claire Molitoris, both students at the University who work at the costume shop. “[They’re] selecting cotton fabric from the Costume Shop stock, cutting patterns, and sewing the masks together,” said Kaufhold. The masks, she explained, are for MU’s essential workers on campus, the few students who still remain on campus due to extenuating circumstances, and any guests who come to campus and check in with the University Police.

Since most of our spring musical productions from mid-March forward have been cancelled, it’s a happy relief to have a purpose of making face masks for the University,” said Kaufhold. If any one is interested in donating materials or masks to the university, they should contact the costume shop via email at

Do you want to donate materials to the costume shop?

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