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Meteorology Students Receive NOAA Scholarships

Students receive $9,500 per academic year and opportunities for internships with NOAA facilities.

Three Millersville Meteorology students were recently awarded the Hollings Scholarship from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is dedicated to science, service and stewardship. The Hollings Scholarship, named after Senator Ernest Hollings, who was a champion of ocean conservation, awards scholars with $9,500 per academic year and opportunities for internships with NOAA facilities. Cameron Gonteski, Robert Commodari and Elijah Crisden are Millersville’s 2020 Hollings Scholarship recipients.

NOAA is a federal agency dedicated to understanding and predicting changes in the climate, weather, oceans, coasts and other related ecosystems in order to collect data which benefits public, academic and private sectors. Learn more at

Elijah Crisden is one of Millersville’s 2020 Hollings Scholarship recipients.

Hollings Scholar Cameron Gonteski recalls the importance Millersville’s professors placed on the scholarship, “It had been the most talked about scholarship for meteorology students since I had entered my freshman year,” she says.

Gonteski, now a sophomore meteorology student, commented on what makes the Hollings Scholarship a promising endeavor. “The Hollings Scholarship is a tremendous opportunity that will open up the doors for me in the meteorology field as a student,” she says, “I am guaranteed an internship during the summer between my junior and senior year at a NOAA facility, allowing me to really use what I have learned in the classroom with real-world applications. This scholarship will also allow me to attend conferences to present my Hollings research. All of these experiences will help me grow as a Millersville meteorology student, allowing me to be well-rounded in my knowledge and experience.”

Elijah Crisden, also a sophomore meteorology student, added how he feels the faculty at Millersville helped him prepare for, and succeed at, applying to the scholarship, “Whenever anyone wants to pursue something (a scholarship, an internship, etc.), the faculty are always right by your side to make sure you get what you need,” he explains, “Especially from what I see in the Earth Sciences department, the faculty works tirelessly in order for us students to achieve anything possible, and for that I am truly grateful.”

Millersville student, Robert Commodari, received the Hollings Scholarship.

Robbie Commodari also felt that Millersville faculty played an important role in helping students succeed academically. “The faculty I work with at Millersville have been nothing short of outstanding to help prepare me for this experience,” he says, “They have always been there when I needed advice regarding any topic.  I could not be more grateful for their help.”

More information about the Hollings Scholarship can be found on the NOAA website:

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