Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

UPDATE: Adopted! Bonded Pair of Campus Cats in Need of Foster Home

Two cats that have been living on Millersville University’s campus are in need of a foster home. While these cats were being cared for on campus, visiting them during the current COVID-19 quarantine has become quite difficult.

We are seeking a temporary foster home for them for the next 4-8 weeks. A permanent home for them should be ready by that time. These two are quite bonded, they are not aggressive and are quite sweet, but still not “friendly.” They are both fixed and have their current vaccinations. We believe Smokey is a bit older (maybe 8-10) and Cheese maybe 3 or 4, but we aren’t sure.

Interested in adopting the cats or offering foster care?

Contact Melissa Kober via email at Melissa.kober@millersville.edu or by phone at 717-891-1122.

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