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‘Ville Takes Gold for Military Friendly

This is the eighth year in a row Millersville has been designated Military Friendly.

For the first time ever, Millersville University (MU) has received the “gold” classification for being Military Friendly from Victory Media. This is the eighth year in a row MU has been designated Military Friendly, but the first time the ‘Ville ranked in the top 10 to earn the “gold” classification. The University has typically received the “silver” classification.

The Military Friendly School designation is used as a resource for veterans who want to make the best decision for their post-military career. Only the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools in the country are given this prestigious designation.

The Military Friendly award is based on a survey of programs, offerings and policies that help determine the ease and environment for veterans at various institutions. Because MU offers a heightened level of service and support to military students than on average, MU is designated Military Friendly. The Gold ranking indicates that even among “military friendly” institutions, Millersville goes above in support and consideration of student veterans, placing MU in the top 15 percent of participating institutions.

MU offers concurrent admissions programs with the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard. The University grants credits for military training based on recommendations by the American Council on Education Guides and has a two-part, four-year program in military science, ROTC. MU provides students with the Veteran Resource Center, located at the Mercer House and has other allocations and opportunities for students and veterans.

Victory Media solutions is a marketing and advertising agency that is focused on creating media, ratings and training to assist with workforce and education development. Each year, since 2003, they have created a list of military friendly schools through surveying thousands of institutions on key programs and policies.

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