Monday, April 15th, 2024

Students Share 10 Heartwarming Moments of Kindness From Profs

Looking for something to brighten your day? Look no further. We recently posed this question to our followers on Instagram: “What’s the kindest thing a professor has ever done for you?” The responses did not disappoint. From doling out high praise on our students, literally giving away their lunches, offering homework extensions, inviting them over for holiday dinners with their families and so much more, there’s no doubt our faculty are some of the best around.

  1. “Openly invite[ed] any student in her class to Thanksgiving dinner if they had nowhere to go.” – @skobylarz
  2. “Let me cry it out in her office and then offered advice when I was going through a rough time.” – @emzz_14
  3. “Offered to pay for study abroad.” – @lovee_me_lots
  4. “Wrote me a letter of recommendation when I never even asked for one!” – @islander.greene23
  5. “Pushed me to reach my highest potential and help[ed] me get an internship abroad.” – @meagan_schulman
  6. “Invited me to Thanksgiving at their house because my family moved to another country.” – Amelia Crespo ’14
  7. “Jeri Robinson one day offered me her lunch when I had to go straight to work after her class” – @iamnita321
  8. “The Special Ed faculty (2010) sent me a very thoughtful card when my father passed away.” – @sean.plunk
  9. “Let me [take] an exam one week late after the death of my [girlfriend’s father] [when they] didn’t have to.” – @tom_lennox_728
  10. “Dr. Anna let me use her office phone to call my mom because I locked my key in my truck. Not only that, but she offered to drive me the whole way home to Strasburg if no one answered.” – @healthyhappymuxctf

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