Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024
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Millersville Donates Masks, Gloves

Academic departments are pulling together to collect and donate supplies for local emergency management systems.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) putting a strain on local hospitals, health care professionals and emergency management systems, academic departments from across Millersville University are pulling together to collect and donate supplies. Millersville’s Office of Safety & Environmental Health is currently collecting masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other limited materials from MU departments, and will make donations to local emergency response agencies and potentially the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).

“The number of donations has been impressive, and we expect there to be more,” says Pat Weidinger, director of Safety & Environmental Health at Millersville. “This is another way our campus community is banding together during this difficult time. It really speaks to our EPPIIC values, which include public mission and responding to the urgent and emerging needs of our regional, urban and metropolitan communities.”

Donations include boxes of vinyl gloves, N-95 face masks, hand sanitizer, exam gowns, throat swabs, face shields, half-face respirators and more. Weidinger says there is also the possibility that ventilators could be donated.

Donations were made from nursing, psychology’s rat lab, art & design’s sculpture studio, Occupational Safety & Environmental Health and the biology stock room in the College of Science & Technology.

Those interested in making donations should contact Pat Weidinger at Patrick.Weidinger@millersville.edu, Duane Hagelgans at Duane.Hagelgans@millersville.edu or Gail Fellows at Gail.Fellows@millersville.edu.

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