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MU’s Online Programs Score High on

MU ranked #1 for the top online master’s degree in emergency management.

Millersville University (MU) has recently been recognized by for having three of the top online degree programs in the United States. MU ranked #1 for the top online master’s degree in emergency management, #16 for the top online colleges in the country and #22 for the top online master’s program in gifted and talented education.

Millersville was listed among hundreds of other competing schools across the country. The 2020 Intelligent rankings were calculated using a scoring system that includes factors such as student engagement and potential return on investment. The scoring system analyzes school’s programs based on a scale system from zero to 100. Every program is evaluated based on the curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation and post-graduate employment.

Dr. Charlton Wolfgang is a professor and the coordinator of the master’s in the gifted and talented education program at MU. His colleagues and his contributions to the program added to its success. “We are honored to have earned recognition as one of the top online master’s in gifted and talented education in the nation. This award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of our faculty,” notes Wolfgang. “It also recognizes our commitment to growing and developing our programs to meet the needs of our graduate students so that they can better meet the needs of the gifted learners in their classrooms.”

Each of the awards are for programs that are a part of MU’s online degree program. MU offers fully online degrees and certificates for undergraduate and graduate students. Each program allows students to complete their education in a flexible and convenient manner. More information about the online programs that MU offers can be found at

Millersville’s award for best online college can be viewed at The award for best master’s in emergency management can be found at The award for Millersville’s master’s in gifted and talented education degree program can be viewed at is a website that provides unbiased research to help students make informed decisions about higher education by providing guides to the best degree programs in the country. More information about the organization can be found at

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