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An EPPIIC University

To accomplish the University’s mission of providing diverse, dynamic and meaningful experiences that inspire learners, our campus is shining a spotlight on our six core values – EXPLORATION, PROFESSIONALISM, PUBLIC MISSION, INCLUSION, INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION.

Known collectively as our EPPIIC Values, these principles guide how the University fulfills its mission.

“Our EPPIIC values are the bedrock of our culture at Millersville University. This year, we invested a substantial amount of energy in promoting these values across our campus community. We envision a future where every member of our community aligns with our core values and incorporates them into his/her/their interpersonal interactions and day-to-day work,” says President Daniel Wubah. “I urge our students, faculty and staff to fully embrace our EPPIIC Values.”

In January, an EPPIIC webpage was added to the University’s website as a place to recognize programs, initiatives, departments and individuals that exemplify these values. This list of worthy nominees will continue to grow as people submit entries for consideration.

“As I travel the campus, I am gratified to see departments and individuals living out these values,” says Wubah. “It is important that we recognize these achievements and display them prominently on our website. We wish to demonstrate our steadfast commitment to these values both on our campus and in the wider community.”

While there are countless examples, here are just a few programs that illustrate the ways Millersville is living our EPPIIC Values.



Millersville University embraces a culture of exploration, creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, creative intelligence, innovation, forward-thinking ideas and exciting discoveries. Exploration serves as an intentional way to strengthen University culture. We place a high value on student-faculty research, scholarship and collaborative projects.

The University launched its Music Business Technology (MBT) program in 2015 as a way to prepare students for high-demand careers in the music industry. In just a few short years, this program has grown and changed to adapt to the fast-paced industry.

The program was renamed the Clair Brothers Music Business Technology Program in 2018 to honor esteemed alum Roy Clair ’67, who founded the company “Clair Brothers Audio” with his brother. That company has evolved into two separate companies – “Clair Companies” and “Clair Global,” and has a partnership with Rock Lititz. The name “Clair” is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the industry.

“Our partnership started out with having someone from Clair Global talk to my ‘Careers in Music Industry’ class, and has grown to MU having our current live audio course taught by a Clair engineer at Clair Global,” says MBT professor DR. BARRY ATTICKS.

Through MU’s partnership with Clair Global, students are able to learn on site with state-of-the-art recording equipment, work side-by-side with Clair engineers during the University’s annual concert, FestiVille, and more.

“Unlike any other educational experience, our students are learning on equipment that goes out on the largest tours,” says Atticks. “Experiential learning is far better than reading something in a book!”

One example of student success is recent alum Andrew Black, who graduated with a MBT degree in May and is out on tour with Ariana Grande this summer.

And this is just the beginning. There are plans for more advanced MBT courses to be taught at Clair Global in the future.

Learn more about MBT at



EPPIIC Value - ProfessionalismMillersville University is founded on a tradition of academic excellence, expert knowledge and professional collegiality. Our diverse community of learners is comprised of skilled and dedicated educators and staff who model maturity of thought and practice while exhibiting mutual respect. The University provides opportunities for professional development and growth, especially for our students, using academic enhancement and collaborative programs to emphasize the importance of critical thinking, active listening, self-discovery, collaborative leadership and responsibility. Such professionalism fosters career readiness and preparation for lives of service and success in the global community.

Lessons are learned both in and out of the classroom. As students make the transition from school to the workforce, internships and career readiness resources are vital in preparing them for that next step.

Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) is a hub of helpful information and resources for Millersville students who are preparing for professional endeavors both during college and after graduation. The office can help students secure internships, traineeships, volunteer opportunities and provide them with a wide range of career services.

“ELCM staff members are trained to help students explore who they are; what work values are most important to them; and how to connect their interest, skills and experiences to the world of work,” says MARGO SASSAMAN, associate director of career management. “Our programs are designed to help students and alumni develop networks and mentor relationships to further enhance their careers; connect with employers for employment opportunities; develop effective marketing tools including resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles; and provide resources and support when exploring graduate school.”

The one-on-one relationships ELCM provides between career counselors and students can be critical in helping a student navigate into their first job after graduation. According to Sassaman, “93 percent of the students who had one-on-one appointments in 2017-18 agreed or strongly agreed that they felt more confident when thinking about future career goals and objectives.”

“Students potentially have 50+ years of work. People do change their career paths and jobs. The average person may change their career five to seven times, and change jobs more than 11 times throughout life,” Sassaman says. “With this in mind, know that the career path you are choosing now is not a lifetime commitment!”

Learn more about ELCM at



EPPIIC Value - Public MissionMillersville University’s mission calls upon us to respond to the urgent and emerging needs of our growing regional, urban and metropolitan communities. Through interdisciplinary learning, collaborative and cross-cultural experiences and a renewed focus on a liberal arts tradition, our students become well-prepared for meaningful participation in the broader society. Our commitment to flexibility and accessibility in higher education reflects the mission and vision of the University and ultimately has a direct impact on the larger public good.

Through the ongoing and generous support of our alumni, friends, faculty and staff, Millersville is better positioned to fulfill its stated mission: “To provide diverse, dynamic, meaningful experiences to inspire learners to grow both intellectually and personally to enable them to contribute positively to local and global communities.”

Past reductions in state support along with the increasing economic challenges across the Commonwealth and throughout the country have made affording college increasingly difficult for many Millersville students. In response to this, the University launched its first fundraising campaign entirely focused on student success, “Imagine the Possible.”

Now in its third and final year, “Imagine the Possible” has an overall goal of $32 million with three defined priority areas: Scholarships, Student Learning Experiences and Marauder Athletics.

A $10 million goal for Scholarships will increase the number of merit-based and need-based scholarships, ensuring Millersville remains accessible to all students. A $16 million goal for Student Learning Experiences will support hands-on learning opportunities such as internships, undergraduate research, global education and living-learning communities to prepare students for the workforce. Finally, a $6 million goal for Marauder Athletics will allow for an increase in scholarship allocations and updating facilities—providing a championship experience for our students, campus and community.

As of June 3, 2019, $25.7 million has been contributed towards the “Imagine the Possible” campaign to support Millersville students. This represents 78 percent of the goal.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Millersville community,” says ALICE MCMURRY, interim vice president for advancement. “These contributions are helping our students maximize the programs and hands-on learning opportunities at the University. As we move into the final phase of this campaign, we look forward to a strong finish to best support student success.”

Learn more about Imagine the Possible at



EPPIIC Value - InclusionMillersville University is firmly committed to supporting and advancing the diversity and inclusion of its campus community. Inclusion is creating a campus community where differences are welcomed and respectfully heard and where every individual feels a sense of belonging. We affirm our shared values, recognize our challenges, and commit to building on existing efforts to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community.

Millersville University works to create a culture of inclusion where all feel welcomed and empowered to learn. Our goal is to create an environment that is characterized by intellectual diversity, racial/ ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, religious and spiritual diversity, and economic diversity. The Integrated Studies program is furthering this mission by providing a two- or four-year inclusive postsecondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability.

“A student majoring in Integrated Studies has the opportunity to obtain a liberal arts education and the support necessary for success,” explains DR. THOMAS NEUVILLE, professor and Integrated Studies faculty advisor. “In the past, students eligible for Integrated Studies would have been segregated and isolated with little possibility of seeing the good things of life. Millersville, through Integrated Studies, provides a springboard that launches graduates into empowered lives of citizenship, relationship and meaningful careers.”

Students in this program are enrolled at the University as full-time non-degree seeking students—a status that allows them all the rights and responsibilities of a degree seeking student. Each individual is supported by faculty, staff, coaches and mentors through a person-centric plan that guides their education and enables their success. Integrated Studies students are fully immersed in the campus community, and are given career exploration opportunities as they consider their next steps after graduation.

To date, 10 students have graduated from Integrated Studies. The program currently has 27 students enrolled for the fall semester.

“Integrated Studies welcomes students who have experienced exclusion, reveals undiscovered gifts and creates community leaders,” Neuville says.

Learn more about the Integrated Studies program at



EPPIIC Value - IntegrityMillersville University steadfastly defends freedom of thought, ideas and discourse as core to authentic and honest scholarship. Our commitment to integrity is measured by action and responsibility and engenders a culture of trust, rich with opportunities for rigorous applied learning and meaningful civic engagement and public stewardship that are responsive to the needs of our vibrant and evolving metropolitan region. Moreover, the University consistently lives by and practices its institutional principles, standards and beliefs.

A college campus is ripe with ideas, discussion and discourse. The Millersville University Police Department is an integral part of the campus community that works to protect the challenging academic environment the University fosters. The department provides 24-hour coverage of campus year-round with a full staff of state-commissioned, sworn police officers. Our officers are a visible presence on campus, walking and biking around campus, and attending University events.

“We enjoy a positive, supportive relationship with our students. Our officers build community trust through proactive engagement,” says POLICE CHIEF PETE ANDERS. “Every student interaction is valued, and our officers embrace that we are here because of our students and seek to guide them toward success.”

In April, MU took the top spot on Your Local Security’s list of the safest college campuses in Pennsylvania. The University also broke through the website’s top 10 in “Your Guide to the Nation’s Safest College Campuses in 2019,” settling at number six overall. The website identified MU’s trained police officers, counselors, Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) and campus-wide safety app, LiveSafe, as components that set our campus apart from others.

MU Police provide a wide range of support to campus including investigating all criminal and suspicious activity, enforcing University rules and regulations, directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic and providing sexual and dating violence resources. “We are unique in campus policing because we seek to create partnerships with faculty, staff and students toward a greater good, and an overall sense of trust and legitimacy,” says Anders.

“We recognize that our relationship with students will influence their expectations and hopefully their positive contributions in their future communities.”

Learn more about the MU Police Department at



EPPIIC Values - CompassionMillersville University’s ethos of compassion permeates all of our endeavors and interactions. Learning about and being sensitive to the experiences of people and cultures whether nearby or afar, fosters individual, professional and institutional growth. Compassion moves the campus community towards focusing on each learner and their unique potential to impact the public good.

MU’s Center for Counseling and Human Development is committed to providing quality mental healthcare to a diverse student body. The center’s counselors support students through direct care, including counseling, group counseling, consultation, crisis intervention, and alcohol and other drug education; as well as indirect care, including training in Campus Connect suicide prevention, pet therapy, mindfulness training and mental health presentations around campus.

“The need and request for counseling services overall has increased in the past few years, especially for students seeking immediate assistance,” says DR. KELSEY BACKELS, psychologist and center director. “In response, we established a daily walk-in triage hour in spring 2016 to offer students who could not wait for a full intake appointment the opportunity for a brief assessment with one of our counselors. That semester, we provided 15 triage appointments. That number grew significantly to 124 triage appointments in academic year 2017-18, and 184 triage appointments in academic year 2018-19.”

Backels attributes this rise to an increase in anxiety and depression among students nationwide related to a greater sense of isolation, social media, the economy, family struggles, and greater recognition and diagnosing of anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. “I want students to know that their mental health is very important to their academic success and overall wellbeing,” says Backels. “We offer professional, confidential counseling free of charge at the counseling center. I want students to know that they are valuable, worthy individuals who owe it to themselves to get the care they need, and to feel empowered to reach out to us. If we cannot provide the care they need, we will do our best to help them find it.”

Learn more about the Center for Counseling and Human Development at

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