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Five Faculty Receive Emeritus Status

Congratulations to Drs. Blum, Boal, Cosentino, Ladd and Whisenton-Davidson.

Millersville University’s Council of Trustees recently approved emeritus status for five faculty members. The vote, at their meeting last month, included associate professor of mathematics, Dr. Dorothee Blum; professor of biology, Dr. Jean Boal; professor of biology, Dr. M. James Cosentino; associate professor of biology, Dr. Timothy Ladd; and professor of biology, Dr. Lavern Whisenton-Davidson. The approval came in concert with the Faculty Senate and University President.

Dr. Dorothee Blum
Blum served as a faculty member of the mathematics department since 1988, a total of 30.5 years. She was “a devoted and successful teacher” who taught 29 undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics, six of which she developed herself. She was an active scholar and published refereed papers in the fields of graph theory, mathematics education and history of mathematics. She gave multiple presentations, reviewed NSF grant proposals and reviewed books. She authored her own book, “Algebraic Foundations and Structures for Pre-Service Middle Level Teachers.”

Blum was actively involved in curriculum development and modifications to improve our programs, educational outcomes and student experiences. She supervised numerous students’ research projects, directed nine honors theses and served on 48 MU honors theses committees. In her time at MU she also served 12 years on the University Honors Committee, two and a half years as the associate director of the University Honors College, 10 years on the Glenn Hazeltine Women in Mathematics and Science Day Conference Planning (two years as chair) and 11 years as the mathematics instructor for the Summer Academic Excellence Program.

Dr. Jean Boal
Boal served as a faculty member of the biology department since 1999, a total of 19 years. She was “a passionate teacher” who could convey her enthusiasm for biology to her students specifically in the areas of animal behavior, marine biology, ecology and evolution. She served as an academic advisor to hundreds of biology majors and minors, actively encouraging her students to engage in biology research and reviewed many theses including six master’s theses and five doctoral theses.  She conducted innovative high-impact research in animal behavior studying behavior in cuttlefish and octopuses. Her research garnered her international reputation and she served as Professor Invitee at the Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie, France and as a visiting investigator at the Centre Regional d’Etudes Cotieres, Luc-sur-Mer in Normandie, France.

Boal has published 38 scholarly articles and reviewed 75 articles from over 24 journals. She is a member of several professional organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Animal Behavior Society, Association for Psychological Science, Comparative Cognition Society and Sigma Xi. She obtained substantial funding from the National Science Foundation, Professional Development Awards and numerous intramural grants.  As a highly respected colleague, she has also served the university department in many ways including as an advisor for the Ocean Science Club, developed and presented numerous open houses for potential biology and science majors. She has served as coordinator of Faculty Evaluation Committees for several years, served on multiple Faculty Search Committees and the Core Curriculum Revision Committee.

Dr. James Cosentino shows cadavers to students.

Dr. M. James Cosentino
Cosentino served as a faculty member of the biology department since 1988, a total of 29 years.  He was “an inspiring teacher and mentor” who conveyed well his enthusiasm for biology, human anatomy and physiology, among others. He served as advisor for many biology majors and minors as well as serving as a member of numerous thesis committees.  Cosentino continued his scholarly interest in reproductive biology, endocrinology, histology, and pharmacology by carrying out research involving the use of numerous techniques to study sperm motility and spermatic cord torsion,  contributing to drug development for contraception.  He received more than $2.1 million in funding from various sources such as the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Agency for International Development, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy and many others. He also published his research in 29 scientific journals, and presented his research as a speaker at many international, national, regional and local scientific society conferences.

Cosentino served his college well as an active and highly influential member of the School of Science and Mathematics Advancement Committee for several years. He has served the international committee admirably as well by founding the Books for International Development Program at MU which has provided over 131 tons of textbooks and hundreds of computers to more than 10 developing countries. He was also a key member in the MU Haiti Relief Fund that shipped medical supplies after the country’s 2009 earthquake.

Dr. Timothy Ladd

Dr. Timothy Ladd
Ladd served as a faculty member of the biology department since 1988, a total of 30 years. His love for biology transitioned well in the classroom to his students, and he had a particular interest in microbiology and immunology. He served as an academic advisor for 25-45 biology majors and minors as well as serving on a number of Honors Thesis Committees. He carried out extensive research involving the examination of the growth and development of bacterial biofilms on a variety of man-made surfaces, examined the effects of acid rain and oil perturbation on bacterial populations in lakes and streams and he also studied the bacteriological contamination of food products and water. He has published more than 10 scientific, instructional papers and abstracts, as well as reviewing numerous college textbooks, and made more than six public presentations at various locations. He has also obtained a significant amount of intramural and extramural funding from various sources.

Ladd served the university well, being a part of multiple committees such as more than 20 years as an Allied Health Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy Program Advisory Committee, and chairperson of the Health Professional Advisory Committee, among others. He has fulfilled many department responsibilities such as hosting numerous open house presentations for prospective students interested in allied health, the CPUB 36th Annual Meeting held at MU where he served as the moderator, and assisted in the transition of the Respiratory Therapy Program Lancaster Regional Hospital, among others. He is also a member of the American Society of Microbiology and the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

Dr. LaVern Whisenton-Davidson

Dr. LaVern Whisenton-Davidson
Whisenton-Davidson served as a faculty member of the biology department since 1987, a total of 31 years. She had a strong passion for biology which she loved to share with her students. She focused in general biology, anatomy and physiology, functional human anatomy, nutrition and nutritional science. She encouraged her biology majors to participate in research so they could experience the excitement, challenge and delight of scientific endeavors. She has guided many of her students through MU, and even post-graduation, keeping in contact and maintaining relationships with them to this day. She has been an outstanding scholar in her field, publishing more than 20 papers on physiology and endocrinology in noted journals like the Journal of Insect Physiology, among others. She received $730,000 in funding to support her research and financial support for racially and/or economically disadvantaged students. She has received multiple honors including being named Black Opinion Magazine’s Black Achiever Award winner for 1995-1996 and the Organization of Black Scientists. Others include Scientist of the Month in 1993 and serving on the advisory panel for the National Science Foundation for NATO Research Awards, Physiology Processes and Integrative Animal Biology.

Whisenton-Davidson has served the University and her field well, serving on multiple university-wide committees such as vice president for student affairs, Associate Provost, Women’s Athletic Director, member of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, among others. She also served as a member outside the university on the board of directors for the North Museum of Natural History and Science Technology. She also happened to be the first tenured women of color in the department and the first promoted to ‘full professor’ and the third women so honored.


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