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Eatery and Gaming in SMC

Take a walk on Avenue C

Built in the early 1960s the Student Memorial Center (SMC) on Millersville University’s campus has had countless renovations to improve student and recreation center resources. In fact, the size was doubled in 2012. Most recently, improvements to the commuter lounge entitled “Club de Ville” have begun to move forward in hopes of maximizing the space’s potential.

“Student Services Inc. (SSI) and the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have been discussing ways to revitalize the area for about a year,” said CEO and General Manager of SSI, Geoffrey Beers.

Through this collaboration between Beers and Brian Hazlett, the Vice-President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the idea to build an additional eatery option and gaming stations in the Club de Ville space was created. The new eatery, called “Avenue C,” will be a 24/7 self-service vending area managed by Canteen Vending Services and will provide options when other dining halls on campus are closed.

Additionally, the gaming stations will feature Xboxs, PlayStations and retro video games to create a space for students to hang out and unwind. The new space is currently in the construction process and is slated to be open for the fall semester.

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