Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

New Rankings for the ‘Ville

The ‘Ville’s Fine and Studio Arts program ranks high nationally.

Millersville University recently scored high in two rankings for its fine and studio arts program.

College Factual
Millersville University fared well in College Factual’s 2019 rankings for both non-traditional students and for students overall who want to major in Fine & Studio Arts.

Non-traditional students:
This ranking was developed to highlight colleges that have great Fine Art programs and also great support for students who fall outside the traditional “norm.” This could include adults returning to school, part-time students, transfer students, online students and others.

Millersville’s program is ranked #3 out of 385 colleges and universities offering this major nationwide. This means Millersville is in the top 1 percent of all schools in the country for non-traditional students studying Fine Art. See the full ranking of Fine Art programs for non-traditional students.  The program ranked #1 out of 14 colleges and universities reviewed by College Factual for non-traditional students in Pennsylvania. Millersville has achieved this ranking two years in a row. See the full ranking of best schools for non-traditional students studying Fine Art in Pennsylvania.

College Factual also listed that based upon PayScale survey data, a student who graduates from Millersville with a degree in Fine Art realizes early-career earnings of $60,000 and average mid-career earnings of $53,000.

Traditional students:
Also for the second year in a row, Millersville earned a top ranking for all students in Fine & Studio Arts. MU’s Fine Arts program was ranked in the top 10 percent nationwide. This program was ranked number 33 out of 512 Fine Arts programs in the United States. In addition, MU’s Fine Arts program was also ranked number two out of 32 colleges in the state of Pennsylvania. This places MU’s program in the top 5 percent of all programs in the state.

Additional information on the overall rankings is available at:

Information on Millersville’s Department of Art & Design is available at:



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