Dr. Greg Seigworth

“The STEM areas get a lot of attention. They have special conferences, competitions for students and faculty – it’s time the arts and humanities came out of their shadow and we do something special for the area,” says Dr. Greg Seigworth, professor of communication & theatre at Millersville University.

To that extent, Seigworth is organizing the Boundless: Arts and Intellects conference specifically for arts and humanities on Oct. 11 and 12 at The Ware Center.

All universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) are invited to submit work by undergraduate and graduate students as well as from full-time and adjunct faculty: papers, panels, poster sessions, artworks, poetry, computer-assisted designs and graphic works, musical compositions and performances, original monologues and more.

“Our goal is 100 to 150 people and we’ll be taking over the entire Ware Center during fall break,” says Seigworth.

Seigworth says Boundless: Arts and Intellects provides an opportunity to join together to share, recognize and honor the myriad ways that an education in the arts, humanities and social sciences are so crucially important to the future of our life-worlds.

“Students and faculty in the humanities, arts and social sciences actively shape the political, social and economic landscape of our times,” says Seigworth. “They stretch at the boundaries of what seems possible and impossible, raising the most pertinent ethical concerns, providing the spark for technical innovations that transform the relations between humans, their tools and their environment.”

Entries can be from work that transpires in classrooms, in seminars, in community-based activities, in independent projects, in research among and between faculty and students or in masters classes.

The call for proposals is now open.

For more details, please contact Dr. Gregory Seigworth in the Department of Communication & Theatre at Millersville University – boundless.MU@millersville.edu.

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