Sarah Troutman outside the Winter Center

Sarah Troutman is a music education major with a concentration in voice at Millersville University (MU). This summer, she will be flying overseas to teach music classes in the Philippines from June 7-23. Troutman will be educating Philippine students in grades 3, 4 and 5 at Bancal Pugad Elementary school.

“I went to the Philippines at the age of 13 for a mission trip with my grandmother and with the team Crossover Ministries. We visited the school where I’ll be teaching, Bancal Pugad Elementary. I fell in love with the population and country. When the Tell School of Music announced a Tell Scholarship offering a high-impact experience, I knew instantly I wanted to go back and help again. This time, rather than sharing the Gospel, I wanted to teach music to a select group of students who are deprived of such classes,” says Troutman.

“I will be focusing primarily on voice using the Kodaly Pedagogy. The Kodaly Concept of Education is an international approach to teaching that is commonly used through the United States,” says Troutman. “I am fortunate enough to study with Dr. Micheál Houlahan and Dr. Philip Tacka, who are co-authors of “Kodaly Today,” published by Oxford University Press, and considered to be the definitive research publication. The lessons will have students singing, doing creative movement and learning how to read and write basic rhythmic and melodic patterns. I hope to give them the skills and tools to experience music, fall in love with it and making it long after I leave.”

“I hope this experience will prepare my future as a music educator,” she continues. “In addition, I hope I will be reminded how fortunate my life is here in the states. Being in a third world country and experiencing their lives, makes someone even more grateful for all they have. Mostly, I hope to impact the students’ lives with music more than my own.”

Troutman credits the entire music faculty at MU with shaping her into the educator and performer she is today. “However, Dr. Houlahan and Dr. Tacka have helped extensively to get this project off the ground and into reality,” she says.

Troutman plans to graduate from MU in spring 2021 and hopes to start teaching in a public elementary or high school in either Pennsylvania or Texas.




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