Amy Koss

Many students try to make the most out of their college experience. From working hard to get A’s, to joining organizations and taking leadership positions, they strive to go above and beyond in all endeavors.

Amy Koss is the epitome of this, having achieved excellence in her academic career as she graduates from Millersville University (MU) cum laude from the government and political affairs program with a minor in history. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Koss is a member of Delta Phi Eta and president of Hillel and the College Republicans. She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, a top-10 law school in the country in fall 2019.

Throughout her career at MU, Koss has grown enormously through the leadership opportunities that have allowed her to make a positive impact on her peers and the community. She seeks to ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported in this environment, stating that college is a once in a life time chance to discover who you are as a person.

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned at Millersville is to trust in your abilities to succeed, but work hard to get there. A few of my professors have truly become my mentors, and through their classes, I’ve gained a new confidence in my academic abilities,” said Koss.

Advocating for active participation in academics, Koss seeks the excitement of constantly learning new things. As she continues her education,  Koss hopes to become a practicing attorney, using her skills to seek justice and support for those who need it.

As she steps onto the stage to receive her undergraduate diploma on Saturday, May 11, Koss’ many organization cords that she’ll be donning alongside her cap and gown will serve as a reminder to both current and future students that learning truly takes shape outside of the classroom through getting involved, seeking new opportunities and having a thirst for knowledge.







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  1. Amy is a leader inside and outside of the classroom. Yes, Amy is gifted; but, what sets her apart from most people – students and non-students alike – is her intellectual curiosity. One of Millersville University’s bright and shining stars.

  2. Congratulations to Amy – what a wonderful accomplishment! As president of MU Hillel and an advocate for her fellow Jewish students, Amy demonstrated excellent leadership skills and passion for causes dear to her. I wish her great success as she continues her education at U Penn Law. Best of success Amy!

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