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APSCUF MU Scholarship Award Winners Announced

Stellar group receives APSCUF Scholarships.

The 2018-2019 APSCUF-MU Scholarship Awards include Girum Erkalo, chemistry; Abigail Good, English; Susan Lloyd, mathematics; Noelle Shellenberger, mathematics; Amanda Wetzler MDST-Sport Business; and Paul Wilson, business administration. Each student received a check for $1,000 to put toward their education.

Abigail Good, English

Erkalo received the Dr. James Sheridan Scholarship. He has a GPA of 3.97. He has worked at Boston University through the “Research Experiences for Undergraduates” program and was able to present his research work at the Boston University undergraduate research symposium. Erkalo was awarded the James B. Koken Science Scholarship; as a sophomore with excellence in the physical sciences and the Gerald S. Weiss Chemistry Prize for being at the top of his class in his Inorganic Chemistry course in 2017.

Susan Lloyd, mathematics

Good received the Dr. Steve Centola Scholarship. She has a GPA of 3.95. She has been on the Dean’s List all four of her semesters at Millersville. Good was able to display a poster that focused on the novel “The River” by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o at Made in Millersville.  Good was presented with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete Award for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic year.

Noelle Shellenberger, mathematics

Lloyd received the Dr. William Smith Scholarship. She has a GPA of 4.0. She earned course honors in many math classes including the entire Calculus Sequence, Mathematical Statistics I and II, Math Proof, and Linear Algebra. Lloyd has been on the Dean’s List every semester and has been recognized at the University Honors College banquets for her academic achievement.

Amanda Wetzler, MDST-Sport Business

Shellenberger received the APSCURF Scholarship. She has a GPA of 4.0. She has attained course honors in four different mathematics courses: Linear Algebra, Introduction to Math Proof, Probability of Statistics, and Abstract Algebra I. Shellenberger is currently working on an undergraduate honors thesis in the mathematics department. In the thesis, she is taking a deeper look into the connections between classical and transformational geometry.

Paul Wilson, business administration

Wetzler received the Ms. Barbara Waltman Scholarship. She has a GPA of 3.95. At age 30 she decided her love of swimming and coaching needed to be pursued. Her two years of assistant coaching and strength and conditioning consulting led her to reenroll as a MDST-Sports Business major. After receiving A’s consistently in her classes, she decided to get back in the swimming pool and compete as a 31-year-old single mother.

Wilson received the Dr. Richard Keller Coalition Scholarship. He has a GPA of 3.95. Every semester Wilson has received academic honors and was named PSAC Scholar Athlete two years in a row. This year he was honored to receive the Dr. Walt Kreider Family Baseball Scholarship. Next summer he plans to complete an internship with Merrill Lynch.

The awards were presented earlier this semester.

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