Monday, July 15th, 2024

Inaugural Trees of Distinction

Visit a Banana Tree, a blooming Cereus Cactus or a Tulip Tree, without leaving campus.

Visitors to Millersville University’s campus for the Inauguration of Dr. Daniel A. Wubah will have the opportunity to take a walking tour of “15 Inaugural Trees of Distinction.”

“I was asked to plot the location of our trees of distinction for inauguration visitors,” explains Dr. Chris Hardy, biology. “I took it one step further and developed a new trees’ tour especially for the inauguration of our 15th president.”

The 1.5-mile interactive tour to 15 noteworthy trees begins with a 118-year-old Tulip Tree at Biemesderfer Executive Center, where the president’s office is located. It then winds around the pond to take visitors to 11 trees on a half-mile loop called the “Gold Trail.” Visitors then have the option of continuing on the mile-long Black Trail to visit Trees 12-15. You’ll go past Montour House on your way to Caputo and Roddy in the Argires Science Complex to visit a Banana Tree in fruit and a 20-foot-tall Night-Blooming Cereus cactus.

You can take the walking tour via a smartphone-compatible website called “15 Inaugural Trees of Distinction Walking Tour” at On this site, the tree locations are marked by icons which, if tapped, will open a photo and a short narrative about what makes each tree noteworthy. Each tree marker icon also indicates the distance one has traveled on the trail. There also is a printable, color flyer available at the website if one prefers to take it along instead of a smartphone, but the printed flyer contains less information than what is available directly from one’s smartphone or computer.

The Inauguration is set for Thursday, April 18. For more information visit the Inauguration webpage.



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