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Winners Announced in the 2019-20 Student Government Association Elections

New positions added to SGA.

Recently, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Millersville University hosted their first election since changing their executive positions and structure. From Feb. 25 to March 3, eight students campaigned to earn their spot on the 2019-20 SGA executive board.

Positions previously up for election were president, vice president  of advocacy and outreach, vice president of student organizations and vice president of finance. However, the new positions voted on for the 2019-20 school year included president, vice president, director of student life, director of organizations and director of academics. Winners were as follows:

  • President: John Tintera
  • Vice President: Nicole Burke
  • Director of Academics: Brittnay Goranson
  • Director of Finance: Ryan Malosic
  • Director of Organizations: Andrew Tepper
  • Director of Student Life: Mamie Covell

“[One unique thing about this election was that] the director of organizations position didn’t have any nominated candidates on the ballot, so it was solely a write-in campaign,” said Elections Committee Chairman, Jenevieve Fosnot.

In an exciting feat, senior, Andrew Tepper, came out victorious for the write-in position. As the longest active senator in the SGA, Tepper has served on the executive board before. It was no surprise that he was once again elected to office.

“Winning as a write-in feels more special to me than winning as someone on the ballot. With a random name on the ballot people just select one, even if they don’t know them or if they are right for the role. A write-in means people know my name and think I can do a good job,” said Tepper.

Additionally, current president John Tintera was elected to a second term as president, making him one of six presidents to be re-elected to the presidential office since SGA’s founding in 1913.

“Being elected to a second term reaffirms my ability to lead SGA in the right direction. I look forward to advocating for my fellow students as well as continuing to build strong relationships here at the University and within our community,” said Tintera.

Elected individuals will officially be sworn in at their last meeting of the spring semester during the SGA “transition meeting.” For now, they will begin to brainstorm ideas as to how they will carry out these newly minted positions.

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