Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Reducing the Cost of Room and Board at Millersville University

More Choices. More Flexibility.

The Council of Trustees (COT) for Millersville University (MU) has voted to reduce the cost of room and board at Millersville University beginning the fall semester of 2019. At their public meeting March 20, the COT approved an overall decrease of 3.3 percent, which will result in students paying $245 less per semester.

“In an effort to provide greater flexibility, and as a result of hearing from students during my listening tour, we carefully examined how we could best assist our students,” said Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University. “The new dining program gives students more options at a reduced price.”

A breakdown of the fees approved by the COT include:

  • Board (food) will decrease by 14.1 percent a semester, a savings of $345.
  • Room (residence hall) charges will increase by 2 percent which is $76/semester.
  • General fees will increase 2.2 percent, a $24/semester increase.

“We will be expanding dining options for students, faculty and staff, and expect demand to increase in response to our improved dining offerings,” explained Guilbert Brown, interim vice president of finance and administration at MU. “Many institutions charge a flat board rate with no connection to what students actually eat. Our plan is to make our venues everyone’s first choice for dining, and charge only for what our community actually consumes. Doing the right thing for our community is also the best thing for our business and makes it possible to charge students less.”

In addition, MU plans to extend dining hours at some locations to 1 a.m., an increase of four hours daily from the current 9 p.m. closing.  “Offering more service and extending the time are both positive steps to enhance the student experience,” says Brown.

While the COT for Millersville University sets room, board and fees; tuition rates are set by the Board of Governors, usually in June.

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