Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Making Intersection Safer

Left turn lane closed on W. Frederick

The red x’s indicate where the left turn lane will be closed on W. Frederick.

In an effort to improve the intersection at West Frederick Street and Shenks Lane for pedestrians, the University worked collaboratively with PennDOT and Millersville Borough to close the left turn lane at the intersection. The lane was closed the morning of Feb. 13.  Motorists are still able to turn left from Frederick onto Shenks from the remaining through lane.

Due to accidents last semester and other near misses, the University is working hard to make the intersection safer. By closing the left turn lane, the blind spot that currently exists is eliminated.

Intersection looking toward George Street.

The barrels on the south side of the roadway will be used to close the lane until the permanent improvements of the intersection are completed and approved. The barrels will be removed during snow events so PennDOT is able to maintain their roadway.

To further enhance safety at the crosswalk, a temporary light to improve illumination was installed on the northwest corner of the intersection. The light will remain in place during spring semester.

In addition, a traffic study is underway to assess conditions at this and other intersections on campus for potential modifications to improve vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


3 replies on “Making Intersection Safer”

The barrels blocking the turning lane block the driver’s view of pedestrians waiting to or starting to cross. The intersection now feels more unsafe than before.

I agree with the comment above about the moving of the large sign to the opposite side. One other observation, as someone that lives on Shenks Lane, is that perhaps if the crosswalk were moved to the other side as well, it would give more space for cars to slow down. I see people walk there all of the time anyway and it would move the congestion from around that turn lane. (just giving insight from someone this impacts)

In addition to the comments above, I would move the big black sign to the other side of the entrance to the Boyer parking lot. It blocks the drivers view of students walking from right to left towards the SMC (heading west on Frederick). Friendly suggestion. Tom Bell.

Editor’s Note: We received the following information – The sign does make it more difficult for motorists to see students walking from the parking lot toward the intersection and crosswalk. The sign does not block the driver’s view of the students as they wait on the sidewalk to cross. Facilities will move the sign over the summer (when we can set it in concrete) further from the crosswalk to aid visibility and improve safety.

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